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Mental Health and Related Issues

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"... misunderstandings and neglect create more confusion in this world than trickery and malice. --…"
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"Thanks for the Tooting Tour, I love the stories and all those different food shops!"
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"PragerFU: The Benefits of Belief, Part I"
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"Andrew Marr slams 'cowardly' Truss and Kwarteng for an 'dereliction of duty' |…"
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"It seems to me there is less meanness in atheism, by a good measure. It seems that the spirit of…"
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"That is a PREMIUM quote, Chris!  Thank you for citing it!"
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"Reality is life. Where we suffocate is in the half-life of unreality, untruth, imitation, fakery,…"
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"James O'Brien: Is Keir Starmer the real deal? | LBC(I hope so)"
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Are There 42 Bible Verses In The Constitution? A Fact Check

Fact Check: Are There 42 Bible Verses In the Constitution?This week, a Christian Nationalist…See More
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"What harm would it do, if a man told a good strong lie for the sake of the good and for the…"
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Carl, I misread your last sentence as "i discovered the probe of evil," and thought to my self that that is usually more of a Catholic problem. Anyway, I had to laugh when I discovered my mistake. Sort of a classic Freudian slip on my part.

LMAO - The Probe of Evil

That makes a wonderful title!

Interesting grandma!

she was.born and raised in carthage mo, in her late teens she married a young german industrialist, i get my name from him. she went off to germany, had his four children, including my dad, and went thru wwI.  they were divorced in 1920 after he fell in love with another. she did fine tho. so the next 15 + years she spent in germany where she met many of the famous people of that day. in '38 she returned to america, california with my dad and one of his brothers. the young men entered the "hollywood british school of the theater", as my dad told me. and she married a (she thot) wealthy real estate guy who lived in nothern california.  she soon discoverd he was almost pennyless, he owned land but it was heavily mortgaged,  she and my dad who became a real estate broker to do it sold off a bunch of land, paid off the mortgage and had enuff left over for her to take me to germany in 1950 to meet my grandfather. 1950 was not a good year in germany. heh heh heh. i spent my 15th and 16th year with her. thanks to welfare, as by then they had nothing left. the wealthy real estate guy was now a gardener, i helped on week ends.  we also sold worms to local fishermen.  she lived to be 98, and she was not a thin woman, so i think i mite have to be here for a while more.

Hello everyone, 

Thank you for inviting me into Atheist Universe! My journey into Atheism began with Raelianism (, a philosophy I have been happily growing with for the past 30 years.


Here is an interesting article that was just selected today by the alternative newsite (rael-science) 

  If intelligent extraterrestrials exist, what about God? 

    Experts say encountering E.T. would pose religious dilemmas, 
    especially for Christians 


Would anyone care to comment? :)


Looking forward to interconnecting with all of you!




Good evening dear Curly Girl,

The bible is one of the oldest atheistic books on Earth.  It tells of a human civilization coming to create life here but of course, primitive people did not know any better back then and mistook these people for gods. Well they still do ! (kind of like the Cargo Cult in the South Pacific).




The bible is one of the oldest atheistic books on Earth.

You'll have to explain what you mean by atheistic.

Oh, and what created these advanced humans?

Hello Jeff,


You are right! Conquerers of gold or/and oil are dangerous people indeed! Aren't they?  and when god or "democracy" are added in the mix it makes it even more lethal because it gives the slaughter a somber "righteous twist".  What planet we live on!

Christians may take an extraterrestrial visit for the "devil", especially if the representatives of that ET civilization declare that there is no god !   


Hello and welcome Nadine.

I have given a lot of thought to the question you raised about Terra-forming as a method of transforming two planets Venus and Mars not for seeding with life that we create but for eventual habitation by humans! By use of material from the oorte cloud to both cool and build up the size of the planets to earth like conditions! But it will take thousands of years depending on our technological abilities. 

Evidence of extraterrestrials can be neigh on not to be found on dry land but a slim possibility in the ocean depths which we are just beginning to explore but should there be any evidence it is more than likely somewhere in a seclude area of the solar system in space or on an asteroid or within an asteroid! We are also scanning the skies for electrical signals should there be someone out there!

I personally do not rule out alien life forms as have coming here as there are star systems that are older than ours that could have evolved a sentient life form and who would be millennias in advance of our technologies!  


Hello all! I'm a former southern baptist, happily godless since (I think) 2008 or so. I look forward to participating on AU.

nice! I had exposure  to that religion as a child. The nice thing about it was that there was absolutely no way to reconcile it with science, so it enabled me to make a clean break from mythology. Other more moderate religions can persist longer as part of a person's world view because they are more tolerant of concepts such as evolution. Welcome, Tommy!

welbome tommy and nadine, join a bunch of groups, im sure you'll find something here to get you exited


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