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It should read,"Alliance for Atheist Extraterrestrial diplomatic Contact!
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 My name is Tim Converse, I was always skeptical of a god till  I went to vietnam. That clinched it over there.So much death and suffering and mayhem. I knew a righteous god could never let this happen.From then till now I havent seen anything to change my mind about not believing I checked out other Atheist groups on line and just never got as welcome a feeling as when I stepped in here.There are so many intelligent people here, I thought,"Hey, maybe a little of that will rub off on me." And it has freed up my mind even more knowing im not as alone as I thought I was. Special thanks to Sydni Moser for befriending me right away, making me feel at home. My life has not been easy, but somehow I muddled my way along w/o god. I just cant stand hypocrisy, you all know what I mean there. Looking forward to meeting more people and making many friends here.   Tim

Tim, I'm happy that you found us, and you're right, our members are exceptional!  You are certainly among friends here, all freethinkers!  You're an asset to our site.  And thanks for the sweet compliment. 

Glad to have you here! And thanks so much for the compliments! Looking forward to your contributions.

welcome Tim.


There are so many ways to become atheist, each pretty much unique.

I think we are an interesting collection =) and not a bad place to make friends.

Specially if you enjoy following multiple conversations and taking in more info than you can possibly digest...

Welcome to AU Timothy.

Nice to meet you, Tim! You are definitely not alone.



welcome tim. yep we r very intelgunt here. again welcome

HYBRYDS: Artist / musician, working since 30 years in the Underground with music, performances and exhibitions. Covering the fields of Art, Magic and Religion.
Wondering why all things are what they are.
Dark images from a paganistic past. The viewer gets submerged in a hyper realistic world . The nightmares from one person can be the sweet wishful dreams of another.The images refer to mythical times, they become speechless, recognizable in the unconscious. Women, naked, painted, decorated, besmeared, in bondage, rubber or leather, they look/glance not ashamed in the lens from the camera, or languished turn away their looks, to the other side. They sojourn in bizarre dimensions in worlds who are only known in the collective unconscious of humanity. The models are the witches of our times, they look and decide themselves how they will appear in front of the camera.Their look and attitude become the basics for the work of art. The artist is nothing but the translator, the interpretator, the chronicler. He makes their being complete with his unconscious images. So they become on the digital canvas, a reaction against the monotheistic culture.The works have an almost alchemistic character. Out of the warm colors and organic shapes bubble up hidden symbols to the front.The female forces from the paganistic culture are central in the work. After the first visual shock, a fascination comes into existence. The themes are dark and disquieting. They are full of contradictions, decay, decline and beauty, chaos and creation, pain and pleasure. One needs contradictions to compare , to weigh. You can only know and understand beauty if you also know ugliness. The present male monotheistic culture gets confronted with its female counterpart, out of a far past: Paganism, the culture where fertility, women, magic and dreams are centralized. In a first superficial view, the viewer gets attracted to the cliché of female nudes, afterwards he gets submerged into an atavistic universe.The woman becomes an archetype; de seducer, the demon, the girl, the whore, the slave, the mistress, the priest, the mother… She finds her power in centuries old rituals. She gets rid of her present symbol. She steps across the fashion-icon she must be in this present time.Her naked body restores the balance between male and female forces. Everything she is standing for in this culture she will destroy and accentuate.Some viewers will find it shocking and confusing, others will find it fascinating. On the paper, the centuries old contradictions become truth.

I am a bedraggled refugee from the "Holy" Roman Catholic Church. Like the vast majority of members of that sordid organization I was born into a strict Roman Catholic family, baptized when a baby, and from that moment dragged kicking and screaming to Mass every Sunday and suffered 12 years under the Jesuit Priests. I was told I have to believe OR ELSE. I was too scared to question the doctrine of the Holy Trinity which I found stupid. The Jesuits used a thick leather strap to "encourage" you to believe. I put up with religion and going to Mass for the sake of my family

At school I did Physics and Chemistry and taught myself Astronomy. The most painful subject was religion. Interestingly enough we did not study all the bible, just Genesis and Exodus and straight onto the New Testament. DIdn't worry me Genesis and Exodus were stupid enough. When I was about 30 I finally plucked up enough courage to make the great announcement that I had had it with religion and will now be Atheist. Fortunately my parents accepted that.

So for the last 35 years or so I have lived in peace and solitutude knowing there is no "god" up there watching everything I do and no heaven or hell to worry about. Since getting the internet I have been able to access all the information I need to research the begining of religion, especially judeo/Chrristianity. It is quite obvious that it began with Egyptology and the Babylonian myths. It all started to make sense. I decided to buy a bible to read the rest of the Old Testament to see what all the bullshit is all about. I got the NIV Study Bible because I know it had a lot of comments and references. Many comments pointed to mistranslations in the bible and so many contradictions. I now know why the Roman Catholic Church steers clear of the OT: all the genocidal slaughter inflicted by the Hebrews on their alleged enemies on the orders of "The Lord their God". I got so sick of that I had the greatest pleasure in tearing up that bible.
I know enough to argue Christ out of any Christian. I met the local Church Minister, a nice chap even when I told him I am Atheist. He did not really know that much about Christianity: I suppose enough to get away with being a minister and drawing his stipend.

Welcome Robert.

Yes, contrary to popular belief, atheists usually know more about the bible than it's followers (not my case, I never read the thing, I only had to learn cathechism). The particular cherry-picking of each congregation and the reasoned read by concerned atheists account for that surprising fact.

Welcome, Robert! Yep, the Jesuits are not to be messed with. I went to Catholic school but fortunately I had a completely different experience, I grew up in a secular country so I was not forced to attend religious classes plus physical punishment was illegal so no leather straps! I think there are a lot of ex-Catholics in our group. I do not really consider myself an ex-Catholic because I was never a believer, like you, as a very young child, it already looked like unbelievable nonsense to me, plus my family was "culturally" Catholic but they never even attended mass. They sent me to that school because it had a good reputation for good standards of education (that they did) and they were hoping they would "tame" me a bit (that part did not work, ha!)

i was raised california protestant largely by my grandma. i went to every church around.  the last church i attended was father devines where the food was delicious.  my grandma was very eclectic, met edgar casey, madame blatavitsky, and the bahai guy too.  shes the one that always said god is love.  a few years later i discoverd the prob of evil, and realized god couldnt be love.


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