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It should read,"Alliance for Atheist Extraterrestrial diplomatic Contact!
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We are a worldwide social network of freethinkers, atheists, agnostics and secular humanists.

I am fully vaccinates with Pfizer Covid-19 vaccines and so are most of my family. None of us had any reaction other than the expected vaccine soreness and some had a few hours of feeling tired. I didn't have the slightest reaction of any kind. Several of our family did not get the shots because of doubts of their safety. Some of the vaccinated and unvaccinated family members had C-19; they used extreme caution to protect others from exposure. Being 85 years old, I am grateful to them for their efforts and I have not had the disease. A young friend of my son had a stroke immediately following his C-19 vaccination and has physical and mental impairment. Some suggest his injection went into his vein instead of his muscle. 



• We are a large and ever growing group of Americans who were previously healthy and have been seriously injured by the COVID vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, J&J as well as Astra Zeneca in the clinical trial stage in the United States).

• We are pro-vaccine, pro-science, were excited for the opportunity to be vaccinated, and to do our part in helping to end the pandemic.

• We are completely independent of any other organization."

Each one of us is entitled to accurate and complete information. A pandemic is not the time for propaganda or one-sided information. 

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Yes, we had Pfizer first, Moderna second, & booster Dec. 3rd, will be Pfizer.

I had my first dose of Moderna on 28 February, 2021, and my second on 27 March.  On 26 October, 2021, I got a booster of Pfizer, so I've had a sample of both.  The most reaction I had was after my second dose of Moderna.  I was "off" for a day, not quite as energetic as I prefer to be, but it passed with that day.  I should also mention that I had a dose of Fluzone High-Dose Quadrivalent along with my Pfizer jab, with NO side effects, whatsoever.

The idiot-children who want to accuse the vaccine manufacturers of genocide should take note, not that they will.

Joan I've had my two Pfizer and one Booster and also my regular Flu shots. I wonder if we will have to have the Covid vaccine every year from now on just like the Flu vaccine.

Vaccines are designer drugs created by evil government scientists to monitor the friends of Trump who is our rightful leader. 

When the Biden administration perceives a true patriot as too dangerous they will give a special booster to kill their target. This knowledge is easily attained if only you will look! Don't take my word for it. I am just the messenger. 

Yeah if only the "Dear Leader" would come back save us. 

Don't worry! The twice-impeached, twice-popular-vote-loser, lying, stealing, cheating, racist, misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, one-term Orange Messiah will be reinstated any day week month year decade now!

Seriously, I wonder by what miracle his hardcore supporters believe both that he's the rightful president now, and that he's eligible to run again in '24. The term limit is in the Constitution, after all!

I've had 2 Pfizers and a Pfizer booster a week ago.  I didn't even feel the two go in and never had any side-effects from them.  Not even a sore muscle.

I had a flu shot in one arm and the Pfizer booster in the other arm.  I forgot which was which, but my left muscle was a little sore when I slept on it the first night.  It was probably the booster because I've never had a sore muscle from a flu shot.  I'll have to ask.

I'm now the happy possessor of a strong immune system against COVID 19.  Yay!


I had never heard of a stroke immediately following covid vaccination resulting in physical and mental impairment. Just looked it up. (see article) Apparently it is a rare known side effect, usually happening within two weeks of vaccination. But stroke also affects 1.4% of covid patients (which doesn't sound rare to me).

"Several of our family did not get the shots because of doubts of their safety." Hospitals and morgues are running over with people who got covid. They are not overflowing with patients who were vaccinated. To me it's like the difference between being run over by traffic if you're walking on the sidewalks (vaccinated) versus being run over if you walk in the streets(unvaccinated). Yes, sometimes people do die from vehicle strikes on the sidewalk, but that's not a good reason to walk in the street all of the time.

Nice analogy Ruth. So many Anti-Vaxers are just grabbing at straws 


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