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Changing times :Royalist or Republican

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"About sixty years ago, the great sociologist Seymour Martin Lipset noted that of the dozen European…"
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"Tremendous Tooting Tour - Jolly Splendid London Walk Joolz Guides"
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"Doug: Allow me to cite from the introduction to the Quote of the Day group: Please keep your…"
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"Patriotism is the extension -- in theory -- of an ethical principle to all the people of your…"
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""How would you react if your 11-year-old daughter had a sexually transmitted infection? How…"
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"" I have come across our governments freely available information that the stolen generation…"
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"I will leave you with a few views upon the monarchy from the past. What can they see in the longest…"
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"Only if we understand, will we care. Only if we care, will we help. Only if we help shall all be…"
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"According to Google: Schizophrenia is a serious mental disorder in which people interpret reality…"
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"A good video, Stephen, and I totally agree. When the cleaning starts I'll throw in the Dutch…"
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"Hello Loren! I fail to see how the bible connects with schizophrenia since I'am a…"
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Quote Of The Day

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"A lot like that here in Canada too. A person can be respected without all the bowing, &…"
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"Why the Monarchy Should Have Died With the Queen It's about time that we got rid of this…"
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"The Bible is like a patchwork quilt with schizophrenia that Theists insist is all one color and…"
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"Hmmm... everything was fine until that wicked Mrs Thatcher somehow managed to get into…"
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"There is an objective reality behind most 'conspiracy theories'.  That is, not that…"
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This is pure semantic sophistry.

An atheist says: I do not believe in -god-.

Therefore: it is a denial of something which is defined as existing. By not believing in what believers believe.

Personally the definition of -free thinker- might be more appropriate. Nothing to deny for starters.

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Freethinker. I like that term, but Good luck in getting people to stop using Atheist.

But I always get annoyed by having to justify the term Atheist to believers, so I don't! 

 Here is how I explain it to I do not deny that Mohhomad is considered the prophet of Islam as Mohhamad was real as is Islam. I simply do not believe that the god they worship is real..

I just had the hate preacher Matt Powell state that I was validating the existance of god because I was refuting his arguments!!! I am working on that rebuttal right now but can not finish the video until I get home to the studio.

actually, I know many "atheists" who became atheists because they are angry at God.

really!!! that is not atheism

Moayad quite honestly I've never met an Atheist whose ever said they became an Atheist because they were angry at god, I can understand them being angry at the religion and the way it treated its adherents. Being angry at a god you don't even believe in just doesn't make sense.

I am yet to meet such an atheist Moayad. This is not to say such a person might not exist, they could.

The "angry at god" routine is one I've heard far more often from believers and Christian apologists and amounts to very little more than a straw man argument.  My lack of any belief in a deity is based in an equal lack of evidence that any form of god exists.  Hand-waving and arguments which amount to little more than "this-and-that-therefore-god" don't wash with me.  Like the man said:

If you can't show it, you don't know it.
-- Aron Ra

"Atheism is one thing: A lack of belief in gods."

~ American Atheist

I reasoned my way out of belief in gods because of inconsistencies in scriptures, policies, and practices of adherents. Hypocrisies, lies, believers pretending to know what they could not know, the powerlessness of prayers, the ridiculousness of policies and practices, and talking to women in my research in 32 nations of the Earth and hearing their stories. 

My #1 reason for not believing in god/s is recognizing the role of science in answering my questions and criticisms. It is a far better resource than myths fables, fantasies, make-believe, legends, superstitions, traditions, and delusions. I still have my garden fairies and I talk to them. After all, they exist as me-talking-to-myself; when I get a new insight into a gardening problem, I change my conversation with myself. 

How is any deity, whether Yahweh, Zeus, Odin, or Brahma, "defined as existing?"  There have been multiple assertions as to the existence of more deities than I care to count, yet not one of them has ever been demonstrated to exist.  I could claim that a left-handed zindlefinger exists by definition, yet that is one more assertion without evidentiary support.  Indeed, anyone could claim that something is "defined as existing," and thus speak it into existence ... which is baldly ludicrous.  I should mention that acknowledging the CONCEPT of god does not necessarily include acknowledging the EXISTENCE of any god.

The blunt end of the stick is that those stating that a god exists bear the burden of proof ... and as it comes to that:

What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.
-- Christopher Hitchens, “Hitchens’ Razor”

I do not believe in round squares either. That doesn't mean that there are existing round squares.

Maybe you are angry at round squares

Ooooo, them round squares is NASTY!  Almost as bad as married bachelors! [giggle!]

"Married bachelor," an insightful term!

Does the reverse make any sense? "Bachelor married?"


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