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Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grothman finished off 2012 with a press release declaring that Kwanzaa is a made up holiday that liberals are shoving down America's throat to divide the country. Apparently we brought in a shiny brand new year with the same old tarnished white guys.

Speaker of the House John Boehner was reelected; barely. Tea party insanity will continue, there were even votes for Allen West, who isn't even serving in the coming term. The first vote came from my crazed representative Justin Amash, who picked Raul Labrador, the representative from Idaho. Have no clue who he is, but if my guy voted for him, he must be one tasteless fruitcake.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton received the usual respect from the right. After a hospital stay to take care of a blod clot, which doctors state was possibly life threatening, our friendly compassionate conservatives decided the medical condition was fabricated. Dancing on the woes of the ill is nothing new from the right, many Americans have seen that dance in their own lives. I haven't heard an apology from that side, the party has not changed no matter how many pundits insist they must.

In fact, millions of Americans in need are being shafted by the right. No relief funds for the east coast victims of Sandy. Instead once again, a bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act was voted on. Thirty three times they've wasted our time and money voting on nonsense while Americans suffer. 

The only good news I could find concerning our conservative friends was about former House Majority Leader Tom Delay getting three years in prison for money laundering. I think most conservatives should be locked up for crimes against humanity, but Americans are cowards and will not stand up to authority.

Though all Americans are being ignored by the compassionate conservatives, women are still taking the the brunt of the most atrocious inaction by the legislators still in office.





The Violence Against Women Act was not reauthorized by the House. Apparently the bill included protections for immigrants, the LGBT community and native Americans and our compassionate conservatives, (yes, I am enjoying these two words today), decided that some of us are not deserving of protection.

Women, you're getting dumped on early in 2013.

A site is allowing anonymous tips on women who may be prostitutes. If you're the lucky woman that some neanderthal wishes to mess with, he can post your name on this site, and for you to remove it you will have to ante up. Extortion at its best as crudeness reigns supreme.

Texas has successfully defunded Planned Parenthood. What is mind boggling is that woman haven't left the state in droves yet. Find a new doctor ladies, one that Texan men approve of; if you're allowed to leave the house that is.

Steubenville Ohio is geting a lot of attention after images and a video of a young man laughing about the rape were circulated. The young lady was carried to three different parties while passed out. Apparently it is amusing to some to rape, sodomize and urinate on a young lady. What an awesome culture we have in the U.S. Anonymous's KnightSec is gathering all the data on one site. At times we are disgusting animals. Quit pointing your fingers overseas at humans doing horrible things to other humans and look in your own backyard.

Are you feeling the hate yet ladies?

In Virginia, legislation is going into effect that will close many of the state's abortion clinics. I hear the demand for coat hangers is on the rise. Excuse that last line, but what are you waiting for?

This is how bad it is. In Texas, two ladies were pulled over for allegedly tossing a cigarette butt out the window. The officer tells the ladies he smells marijuana and wants to search the car. They let him search, no marijuana found. He then gives a sobriety test to the driver, she passes. He still decides they are druggies, so he tells them he has to search their bodies. He calls in a female trooper who dons some latex gloves and goes to work. One finger probes the rear, two the front; state troopers are your new gynecologists. 

Ladies, not only are you figuratively being stomped on, you're literally being pissed on.





The gentleman who helped get lead out of our gasoline, Howard Mielke, is now looking at America's cities. Apparently lead content in the soil is high enough to be dangerous. Hey Timmy, why don't you go out and play for a while.

Another year for climate change record-breaking that will more than likely go unnoticed in the States. Drill for it, refine it, burn it; keep it going until the planet dies. On a recent drive through central Illinois I noticed the wind farms spread around the Bloomington area. Apparently it's brought in almost six billion to the local economy and is providing safe renewable energy. Oil lobbyists will continue to pay off conservatives to stop us from progressing into fossil fuel independence. So compassionate.

The desire to ignore the destruction of our planet continues. The NOAA has decided to not investigate the wildly underestimated BP oil spill. Keep those blinders on America.

A twisted Farm Bill was extended by congress. The usual planet destroying moves by our compassionate conservatives is so commonplace as to be expected. Five billion in subsidies to industrial farms for corn, soy and wheat while organics, beginning farmers, locally grown food and conservation efforts were decimated. Though I understand the need for production, I'm not sure that should trump any attempts to create sustainable farming methods. 

Mountain top removal in the Appalachians is being linked to American illness. The easy access to coal continues even though 21 peer-reviewed scientific studies have confirmed what we already suspected; besides over 500 permanently destroyed mountains, if you live in the area you can expect a shorter lifespan than the rest of the country. 50% more odds of dying of cancer and 42% more likely birth defects than those who live in other parts of the Appalachians. The refrain is getting boring, but fossil fuels kill.


In New Hampshire, House of Representatives conservatives were outraged that they can not carry a concealed gun into the chamber. What the heck is wrong with these people? This is not the wild west. Basically the argument these fine gentlemen made was that credit cards and pens were just as dangerous as that Glock under your coat.

Keep on killing Americans, it's what you do best.






Our less evolved friends at FOX have climbed another rung in their goal to reach heretofore unknown heights of ridiculousness. The bastion of hate and irrelevance continues to annoy. I don't think people realize how odd they really are. Their latest war is on yoga and those crazed yoga nazis. The wussification of American is continuing, in their eyes, by allowing children to do yoga. 

Yeah, sit the little monkeys on a couch with a bag of Cheetos in one hand and a game controller in the other. War games for all, kill kill kill.





I was updating my blog yesterday, (have been ignoring it for a few months), and noticed I actually had a reply to one! 

Come on now, give me some of that loving:

Explain to me what happens after we croak AND our body rots in the grave, turning into Riga Mortizzze? Can't, can you? Very good. I'll do the explain'n. Our soul's indelible (never dying, eternal, living-after-death), thus, they rise to be Divinely Judged. Git the picture?? Whetha you wanna believe me or not is fine, yet, that's the axiomatic fact. Here's what I'd do. Go to your local Catholic choich and enroll in the RCIA; should be over within 9 months, long enough to have a spiritual 'baby' on your hands --- If God doesn’t exist, why do you hate Him so much? If God does exist, why don’t you follow us Home to Heaven Above if you‘re gonna croak as I am? How long do we have to enjoy this finite existence? 77ish, measly years? Compared to the length and breadth of eternity, 77ish years is like the micron of a nanometer in the whole, bloody, universe; thus, our soul’s eternal whether you wanna believe in us or not. So, why don’t we have a BIG-ol, roxx-our-holy-soxx, party-hardy celebrating our resurrection for many eons? Heaven TOTALLY kicks-ass for eternity. Thank you proFUSEly, for the wick is running out on U.S. _thewarningsecondcoming.com_

Thank you so much. When the theists find you you've finally arrived.

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He needs YOU to help spread the hatred...

Non-believers on rise in Congress

The number of members of Congress who don’t identify with any particular religion is on the rise, according to an analysis by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life.

In the 96th Congress (1979-80), not a single member of the House or Senate said they didn’t belong to any particular faith, didn’t know or refused to disclose their religion. But in the new 113th Congress, 10 members fall under that category.

That’s twice as many as in the 111th Congress (2009-10).

Pew notes there’s still a great disparity between the percentage of U.S. adults and the percentage of members of Congress who don’t identify with any particular religion.

From Pew’s fascinating report on the religious composition of the 113th Congress:

About one-in-five U.S. adults describe themselves as atheist, agnostic or “nothing in particular” – a group sometimes collectively called the “nones.” But only one member of the new Congress, Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.), is religiously unaffiliated, according to information gathered by CQ Roll Call. Sinema is the first member of Congress to publicly describe her religion as “none,” though 10 other members of the 113th Congress (about 2%) do not specify a religious affiliation, up from six members (about 1%) of the previous Congress. This is about the same as the percentage of U.S. adults in Pew Research Center surveys who say that they don’t know, or refuse to specify, their faith (about 2%).

The numbers here caught my eye, not because of the disparity between non-believers in the general population and in Congress, but because I was surprised so many members actually admitted to it.

Religious affiliation has always been a sensitive issue for members of Congress who belong to religious minorities, but it’s especially true for those who don’t identify with any religion at all. The issue is fraught with political peril because of the prominent role of faith in American public life.

As recently as 2007, former California Democratic Rep. Pete Stark caused a stir when he referred to himself as “a Unitarian who does not believe in a supreme being,” a statement that led atheist groups to claim he was the first member of Congress to say publicly that he did not believe in God.

During my time as editor of the Almanac of American Politics, I discovered the sensitivity of the issue first-hand -- the thorniest, and testiest, conversations with members or their staffs usually involved attempts to identify their faith as part of their biographical data.

In any case, the Pew numbers seem to be a sign that the taboo about religious identification is being broken and members of Congress are increasingly comfortable admitting they don’t adhere to any particular faith.

Spiritual People Are More Likely To Face Mental Health Issues, Use ...


People participate in a sacred 12.12.12 ceremony with ancient crystal skulls at Miami Circle, a Tequesta indian site used centuries ago 

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Consider yourself spiritual but not religious? Well, you’re more likely to develop a mental disorder, become dependent on drugs, and have eating disorders, according to a study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry. It seems like common sense that those who’d describe themselves as spiritual would be more likely to use drugs. But the difference is quite high. Thirty percent of those who identified as spiritual said they had used drugs, almost double the 16 percent of religious people who reported drug use. Spiritual people are also 24 percent more likely to have generalized anxiety disorder, according to the lead author of the study, reports CNN.

The overarching conclusion of the study that analyzed data collected by the British government is that “people who have a spiritual understanding of life in the absence of a religious framework are vulnerable to mental disorder.” CNN talks to an expert who says past studies carried out in the United States, where a greater proportion of the population identifies as spiritual but not religious, have shown very similar conclusions.

From Wonkette



Baby It's Cold War OutsideFasten your seatbelts, Time Tourists, because this week, our visit to the world as seen through a 10th-grade evangelical textbook, World History and Cultures In Christian Perspective, will continue our whirlwind tour through the MADcap world of the Cold War (Spoiler: Reagan wins it through deficit spending and yelling at a wall).

For once, World History in this chapter actually attempts to discuss the history of the world, focusing not only on the U.S. and Europe but also mentioning some of those places where the other 3/4 of the planet’s population lives, because even those otherwise-irrelevant people were threatened by Godless Communism.

But first, let’s talk about Europe! We get a discussion of the Iron Curtain descending over Eastern Europe, and the brutal suppression of rebellions in Hungary and Czechoslovakia, of course. Yugoslavia’s non-Soviet brand of communism is briefly mentioned, and the book tells us that the Polish government “gave voters more choice in elections” and that Poland “remained realtively independent from Soviet domination,” which means that Gerald Ford was actually right, so shut up.

Western Europe, with help from the Marshall plan and the natural strengths of the free market, valiantly rebuilt itself after WW II, and resisted Soviet expansion, but was under constant threat from all the usual suspects:

But socialists became influential in many Western European countries, and Communists infiltrated the governments of some. Spiritual coldness, the root of man’s problems, also continued to plague Europe, resulting in weakened moral standards.

The textbook doesn’t actually mention topless beaches, but you know that’s exactly what they mean.

Just in case you might have worried that the book might continue the disconcerting swing toward factual accuracy that we saw in its discussion of World War II, the current chapter jumps straight into carefully shaded half-truths, as in the section on postwar Britain:

After World War II, Great Britain fell under the influence of the socialist Labour Party which introduced state-controlled schools, compulsory national health insurance (socialized medicine), nationalized industries, wage and price controls, and a host of other social programs. As a result, Britain’s economy declined rapidly and her ability to stand against Communism was severely weakened.

Never mind that Britain’s National Health Service was actually conceived during the war and enthusiastically endorsed by conservative hero Winston Churchill — nope, it was socialist, and so no true Churchill could have liked it. The book even says that when Conservatives returned to power, they were so preoccupied with dealing with the communist threat that they “were either unable or unwilling to dismantle the welfare system created by the Labour Party.” Strangely, there’s no mention at all of what Winston Churchill actually said about the proposed NHS in 1944, using language echoing his famous “fight them on the beaches” trope:

The discoveries of healing science must be the inheritance of all. That is clear. Disease must be attacked, whether it occurs in the poorest or the richest man or woman simply on the ground that it is the enemy; and it must be attacked just in the same way as the fire brigade will give its full assistance to the humblest cottage as readily as to the most important mansion. Our policy is to create a national health service in order to ensure that everybody in the country, irrespective of means, age, sex, or occupation, shall have equal opportunities to benefit from the best and most up-to-date medical and allied services available.

So, yeah, his later “failure” to dismantle the NHS was probably just an oversight, as was Maggie for-God’s-sake Thatcher’s vow to preserve the NHS, which also goes unmentioned. We also learn that

Morality also declined drastically in postwar Britain, and British churches were generally empty on Sunday. The nation that once sent Christian missionaries all over the world became a mission field.

Pretty tragic stuff, we know. Oh, and Britain lost its empire, which was also bad for missionaries, and allowed Communism to spread to many former colonies.

We are told that France was awesome under DeGaulle, but that socialists ruined everything, and that Spain was a reliable bulwark against communism under Francisco Franco, who was the target of a Soviet “propaganda campaign that called for international opposition to Franco and for the overthrow of his anti-Communist government.” No suggestion that there was anything less than lovely about the Generalissimo (who is, we must note, still dead). The chapter’s biggest laff riot comes in the brief section on the utter failure of socialism in Scandinavia:

After World War II, the Scandinavian nations — Norway, Sweden, and Denmark — adopted socialistic governments. The economies of the Scandinavian countries grew during the postwar era, but the decline in public morality and religious faith and the growing cost of welfare finally took its toll. High taxes and dependence on the state for daily needs caused a decline in the work ethic and further eroded moral restraint. Low worker productivity, rebellious young people, and a growing national debt caused many Scandinavians to doubt the effectiveness of socialism.

Yep, a mixed economy with economic growth, people getting healthcare and long vacations, and young people being rebellious, a problem unique to Scandinavia. Clearly a hell on earth.

We get a sizable section on the rise of communism in China, with the usual recriminations about the Truman Administration’s “betrayal” of the Nationalists (because what we really needed was a land war in Asia), and of course a long list of the atrocities of the revolution, the Great Leap Forward, and the Cultural Revolution. Frankly, the Mao years were so awful that the textbook doesn’t have to invent anything for us to mock, so we will move elsewhere.

Hey, how about Korea? According to that one show with the funny Army doctors, the Korean War was full of amusing things! You will be very surprised to know that this section focuses mostly on “Truman’s shocking decision” (that’s an actual section heading) to relieve Douglas MacArthur from command of the U.S. and UN forces in Korea:

MacArthur urged the opening of a second front in China itself by using Chiang Kai-shek’s Nationalist Chinese forces from Taiwan, declaring that the battle against world Communism would be won or lost in Asia. But President Truman and American leaders in Washington opposed MacArthur’s plans for final victory. They wanted a war of “containment” in Korea that would not develop into a full-scale conflict with Communism. When MacArthur protested that Washington’s policies were handcuffing U.S. military efforts for victory in Korea, President Truman shocked the nation by abruptly removing General MacArthur from command on April 11, 1951, replacing him with General Matthew B. Ridgeway.

All MacArthur did was to publicly complain about orders from the President, and call for an invasion of China that could have led to a nuclear war — why did Truman not recognize that MacArthur was right to oppose civilian control of the military? We are then treated to another full page of support for MacArthur, including long excerpts from the congressional hearings in which “some of the top U.S. commanders in Korea revealed why America’s first “no-win” war had been such a terrible failure.” The 1997 edition of the textbook devotes nearly as much space to criticizing Truman’s conduct of the Korean War as it does to the events of the war itself; the 2010 revision saves some space by including only the angriest of these postwar denunciations. In both, the message is clear: America’s brave heroes could have whipped Communism once and for all if only they hadn’t been stabbed in the back by a weak-willed President who didn’t want to let them win.

Gosh, we wonder if that theme will come up again in this book?

Next Week: Wrapping Up the Cold War, the liberal media lose Cuba and Vietnam, Reagan and Thatcher Save the World, and probably some moral decline in there, too.


NRA Is Simply a Disease on theBody Politic

It takes a lot for the NRA to shock. But this is just beyond disgusting. The NRA has launched a new ad campaign calling President Obama a ‘hypocrite’ for allowing armed Secret Service agents to protect his school aged daughters.

There are so many vile things about this ad. But one thing to note is the ad is really only designed to appeal to people who have a deep – really deep – animosity toward the President. The sort of people who don’t think he and his daughters should be in the White House and wish him the sort of ill citizens should never wish upon a freely elected head of state.

Mark Glaze, director of Mayors Against Illegal Guns tells TPM: “At some point the NRA’s Washington lobbyists may realize that this kind of thing is making them irrelevant. It does nothing but offend the reasonable people who make up the bulk of their country - and the bulk of their own membership.”

The White House is declining comment onthe ad.

Josh Marshall

beat it, poorsGood news everyone, a report by the Working Poor Families Project indicates that two-thirds of working families are able to pay for basic necessities without a struggle, and 63% of the nation’s children lived in those families in 2011. Can I get a U and an S and an A? USA! USA!

Oh, you have astutely noticed that this means 1/3 of working families DO struggle to pay for basic necessities, and that 37% of the nation’s children live in those families, did you? Aren’t you smart. That’s fine, not to worry, we have a solution to this problem, courtesy of the Wall Street Journal and Richard Vedder, an economist for the American Enterprise Institute! Ready? OK here it is: these poor families should WORK HARDER. Also they should not be given food stamps, Pell grants, or unemployment insurance. Seriously, this is his actual solution. Did we mention he is a Professor of economics at Ohio University, a public school where he is free to opine on cutting the government spending that benefits OTHER people while he himself suckles contentedly from the government’s teat? Well, we guess we have now.



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