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Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grothman finished off 2012 with a press release declaring that Kwanzaa is a made up holiday that liberals are shoving down America's throat to divide the country. Apparently we brought in a shiny brand new year with the same old tarnished white guys.

Speaker of the House John Boehner was reelected; barely. Tea party insanity will continue, there were even votes for Allen West, who isn't even serving in the coming term. The first vote came from my crazed representative Justin Amash, who picked Raul Labrador, the representative from Idaho. Have no clue who he is, but if my guy voted for him, he must be one tasteless fruitcake.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton received the usual respect from the right. After a hospital stay to take care of a blod clot, which doctors state was possibly life threatening, our friendly compassionate conservatives decided the medical condition was fabricated. Dancing on the woes of the ill is nothing new from the right, many Americans have seen that dance in their own lives. I haven't heard an apology from that side, the party has not changed no matter how many pundits insist they must.

In fact, millions of Americans in need are being shafted by the right. No relief funds for the east coast victims of Sandy. Instead once again, a bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act was voted on. Thirty three times they've wasted our time and money voting on nonsense while Americans suffer. 

The only good news I could find concerning our conservative friends was about former House Majority Leader Tom Delay getting three years in prison for money laundering. I think most conservatives should be locked up for crimes against humanity, but Americans are cowards and will not stand up to authority.

Though all Americans are being ignored by the compassionate conservatives, women are still taking the the brunt of the most atrocious inaction by the legislators still in office.





The Violence Against Women Act was not reauthorized by the House. Apparently the bill included protections for immigrants, the LGBT community and native Americans and our compassionate conservatives, (yes, I am enjoying these two words today), decided that some of us are not deserving of protection.

Women, you're getting dumped on early in 2013.

A site is allowing anonymous tips on women who may be prostitutes. If you're the lucky woman that some neanderthal wishes to mess with, he can post your name on this site, and for you to remove it you will have to ante up. Extortion at its best as crudeness reigns supreme.

Texas has successfully defunded Planned Parenthood. What is mind boggling is that woman haven't left the state in droves yet. Find a new doctor ladies, one that Texan men approve of; if you're allowed to leave the house that is.

Steubenville Ohio is geting a lot of attention after images and a video of a young man laughing about the rape were circulated. The young lady was carried to three different parties while passed out. Apparently it is amusing to some to rape, sodomize and urinate on a young lady. What an awesome culture we have in the U.S. Anonymous's KnightSec is gathering all the data on one site. At times we are disgusting animals. Quit pointing your fingers overseas at humans doing horrible things to other humans and look in your own backyard.

Are you feeling the hate yet ladies?

In Virginia, legislation is going into effect that will close many of the state's abortion clinics. I hear the demand for coat hangers is on the rise. Excuse that last line, but what are you waiting for?

This is how bad it is. In Texas, two ladies were pulled over for allegedly tossing a cigarette butt out the window. The officer tells the ladies he smells marijuana and wants to search the car. They let him search, no marijuana found. He then gives a sobriety test to the driver, she passes. He still decides they are druggies, so he tells them he has to search their bodies. He calls in a female trooper who dons some latex gloves and goes to work. One finger probes the rear, two the front; state troopers are your new gynecologists. 

Ladies, not only are you figuratively being stomped on, you're literally being pissed on.





The gentleman who helped get lead out of our gasoline, Howard Mielke, is now looking at America's cities. Apparently lead content in the soil is high enough to be dangerous. Hey Timmy, why don't you go out and play for a while.

Another year for climate change record-breaking that will more than likely go unnoticed in the States. Drill for it, refine it, burn it; keep it going until the planet dies. On a recent drive through central Illinois I noticed the wind farms spread around the Bloomington area. Apparently it's brought in almost six billion to the local economy and is providing safe renewable energy. Oil lobbyists will continue to pay off conservatives to stop us from progressing into fossil fuel independence. So compassionate.

The desire to ignore the destruction of our planet continues. The NOAA has decided to not investigate the wildly underestimated BP oil spill. Keep those blinders on America.

A twisted Farm Bill was extended by congress. The usual planet destroying moves by our compassionate conservatives is so commonplace as to be expected. Five billion in subsidies to industrial farms for corn, soy and wheat while organics, beginning farmers, locally grown food and conservation efforts were decimated. Though I understand the need for production, I'm not sure that should trump any attempts to create sustainable farming methods. 

Mountain top removal in the Appalachians is being linked to American illness. The easy access to coal continues even though 21 peer-reviewed scientific studies have confirmed what we already suspected; besides over 500 permanently destroyed mountains, if you live in the area you can expect a shorter lifespan than the rest of the country. 50% more odds of dying of cancer and 42% more likely birth defects than those who live in other parts of the Appalachians. The refrain is getting boring, but fossil fuels kill.


In New Hampshire, House of Representatives conservatives were outraged that they can not carry a concealed gun into the chamber. What the heck is wrong with these people? This is not the wild west. Basically the argument these fine gentlemen made was that credit cards and pens were just as dangerous as that Glock under your coat.

Keep on killing Americans, it's what you do best.






Our less evolved friends at FOX have climbed another rung in their goal to reach heretofore unknown heights of ridiculousness. The bastion of hate and irrelevance continues to annoy. I don't think people realize how odd they really are. Their latest war is on yoga and those crazed yoga nazis. The wussification of American is continuing, in their eyes, by allowing children to do yoga. 

Yeah, sit the little monkeys on a couch with a bag of Cheetos in one hand and a game controller in the other. War games for all, kill kill kill.





I was updating my blog yesterday, (have been ignoring it for a few months), and noticed I actually had a reply to one! 

Come on now, give me some of that loving:

Explain to me what happens after we croak AND our body rots in the grave, turning into Riga Mortizzze? Can't, can you? Very good. I'll do the explain'n. Our soul's indelible (never dying, eternal, living-after-death), thus, they rise to be Divinely Judged. Git the picture?? Whetha you wanna believe me or not is fine, yet, that's the axiomatic fact. Here's what I'd do. Go to your local Catholic choich and enroll in the RCIA; should be over within 9 months, long enough to have a spiritual 'baby' on your hands --- If God doesn’t exist, why do you hate Him so much? If God does exist, why don’t you follow us Home to Heaven Above if you‘re gonna croak as I am? How long do we have to enjoy this finite existence? 77ish, measly years? Compared to the length and breadth of eternity, 77ish years is like the micron of a nanometer in the whole, bloody, universe; thus, our soul’s eternal whether you wanna believe in us or not. So, why don’t we have a BIG-ol, roxx-our-holy-soxx, party-hardy celebrating our resurrection for many eons? Heaven TOTALLY kicks-ass for eternity. Thank you proFUSEly, for the wick is running out on U.S. _thewarningsecondcoming.com_

Thank you so much. When the theists find you you've finally arrived.

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I had not heard that Ohio rape story :-( It made me very, very angry, and also, very, very sad. What are those young men learning that they are capable to behave in such a way. It's hard not to blame the current culture, where right-wing politicians emphasize selfishness over caring, compassion, and empathy, and where women are either whores or sexless saintly mothers, even if their baby is the spawn of her rapist. 

Also, the children doing yoga story: why on earth is it bad for children to work on muscle strength and flexibility. Fox is sinking to new lows everyday.

And Neal, congratulations on your first, personalized, loving message from a Christian friend! Isn't it incredible how it's almost always fear of death? And ah, don't we love the old canard that we "hate god"? They just can't figure out one cannot hate a non-entity. What we do hate is religious proselytism, and meddling with politics and government, and constant reinforcement of anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-science, ethnocentric attitudes spurned by religious beliefs all over the world. 


RE: "state troopers are your new gynecologists."

FYI Update: Those officers have been fired and a lawsuit has been filed against the officers and the state.

Thanks for the update. Crazy stuff though. Not the first time it ha happened.

Hahaha, Susan!

@archae: that's good news. 

lolz! No doubt. =)


Grothman's press release if you didn't follow the link:

I love it how the masters of division always blame the lefties for "divisive strategies"


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