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Chris's Videos (22)

  • Trumping Trump

    Trumping Trump

    Donald Trump loses his first debate, to Mrs. Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian™. Chris Apr 21, 2016 51 views

  • Bush Republican Fear-Mongering

    Bush Republican Fear-Mongering

    How The Yellow Elephants conducted their 2004 convention. Nothing's changed except the mindset of t… Chris May 28, 2015 26 views

  • Atheist Billboards

    Atheist Billboards

    Based on a Christian worldview perspective, Freddy Davis comments on the Atheist billboard phenomen… Chris Nov 17, 2012 20 views

  • Double Standard

    Double Standard

    This video contains some insane things I've heard. You can see how the ridiculousness of these doub… Chris Nov 17, 2012 24 views

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