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Perspective on life from a coffinmaker

Every year, Americans bury enough metal in the ground to rebuild the Golden Gate Bridge, says Vashon Island coffin maker Marcus Daly. His simple, handcrafted wooden coffins are an economical and environmentally friendly burial alternative. But Daly believes a coffin's most important feature is that it can be carried. Here's why.

I need your help. This video is a finalist in Smithsonian's "In Motion" video contest. If you enjoyed this piece, please vote for it here: Thank you!

Special thanks to Marcus Daly of Marian Caskets.
Original music by Jesse Solomon Clark.
Produced by Visual Contact

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Comment by Marianne on August 13, 2013 at 11:51pm

I really enjoyed watching the coffinmaker at work.  He shows such care.  But, too bad Jesus is still part of it...  I'm ready to depart in one of these with the saying `Anonymous.

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