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It isn't at all gay. Not even slightly. Muslims in Britain have zero tolerance for homosexuality

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Comment by Stephen on May 25, 2014 at 7:18am

You are so right Suzanna there are certain things we cannot compromise on, and Muslims and others have to come to terms with that. It doesn't matter if these views come from a religious base or not Hate is Hate and cannot be tolerated. 

Comment by Suzanna on May 25, 2014 at 6:05am

It's so true. Just because there are more than one minority group doesn't mean that the groups are working towards the same thing, feminists and homosexuals in the UK are a better match to work together than Islam and homosexuals.

Most people who are minorities who are fighting for change are working towards greater understanding and more rights, It seems like greater acceptance of Islam would mean we have less rights, less say and less freedom.They are a minority in Britain for a reason.

We are not just going to give up the freedoms that have been afforded to us through the work of generations of feminists and homosexuals who are still working towards more acceptance and less hate.

I don't care what colour they are or where they come from those are not life choices, Islam is a choice and in a country where we are supposed to accept everyone as equal, I feel like accepting Islam as equal is rejecting other peoples right to equality, it just doesn't go together.

If there are any Muslims who don't believe its their God given right to beat their wife and kids and do want women to be treated like human beings, and don't have any problem with Atheists then we are on the same side. I haven't met any yet, but there must be a few out there, right?

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