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At 10:36pm on September 22, 2011, Michel said…

Yes, I was.

Oddly enough, I was also listening to my playlist =)

At 1:17pm on September 22, 2011, A Former Member said…

It's like a Edward Gorey / Tim Burton bunny-killing machine.

At 3:29am on September 22, 2011, Michel said…

Where d'you get that picture of me???

At 6:23pm on September 16, 2011, A Former Member said…

At 10:44am on September 11, 2011, Brian Bridson said…

Thanks very much. It is nice to be here.

At 7:59pm on September 10, 2011, Sara W Peterson said…

Thank you for the welcome. I am looking forward to the journey,

At 1:11am on September 9, 2011, Chris said…

Thanks Sydni. 

I enjoy your posts and comments too.

At 8:14pm on September 8, 2011, Dennis Paul Renner said…

Hi Sydni

I hope all is going well for you.

I know I have been silent for a while now.  My wife was hit by a car while riding her bike on the 22 of July.  Her pelvis was fractured in four places.  I have been taking care of her since her release from the hospital on August 8th.  She is now starting to walk with out her walker.  It is good to see her out of her wheel chair.   Any way I started writing again.  Here is my latest poem.The Illusion of Freedom 

At 2:46pm on September 7, 2011, A Former Member said…

Nice image. Yeah, I posted in your Halloween TA group the other day. Did you see it? I have some more ghost stories to post there soon.

At 12:35pm on September 7, 2011, Jeni Rajnovich said…

Hey Syndi! Thank you for your welcome. Actually, my boyfriend is the one who left the comment below (Nathan). Talk with you soon!

At 12:12am on September 7, 2011, Nathan Rajnovich said…

Hello. Thanks for the warm welcome, I didn't expect that. And sorry to disappoint, but the bird isn't mine. : )

At 12:02am on September 4, 2011, Marianne said…


There seems to me that AU is growing very fast. I still hope we'll chat some day; we're on the same time zone.  I really hope you were not put off by my coming out with the mental health stuff...? (It all started with the introducing myself bit) Actually I'm quite sane now even if I'm a little crazy sometimes (not in any mental disorder way). I'm also wondering if mental health is not a taboo subject, more than atheism ?

At 8:41pm on September 3, 2011, A Former Member said…

* she loves Halloween.

At 8:41pm on September 3, 2011, A Former Member said…

Thanks for the group invite, but I'm gonna pass for now. I don't need any reminders about getting older. Lol! Are you gonna start an Atheists who love Halloween group? That time is fast approaching! : )


Where's Jean Marie? I've IMd her but I've never heard back. She love Halloween.

At 9:39am on September 3, 2011, Elaine Kilshaw said…

I am an ardent web Atheist follower. I just want to spread the word. I am an open Atheist. Just hate all the injustices in the World where society believes in a religion but there are still millions of children starving and dying every day and nothing seems to get better.

I belong to the Brighton and Hove Humanist Society,UK, and go on to the website

At 10:42am on September 1, 2011, Adriana said…

Sydni, you need to change the name of your new group if you want me to join! I won't admit I'm aging till I'm dead,haha!

At 4:29pm on August 29, 2011, Carl Pastor gave Sydni Moser a gift
hgello friend
At 10:07am on August 27, 2011, Don said…

Ithaca is a wonderful place.  My sister (and later one of her sons) was a Cornell grad.  More recently she lived in Rochester, where she was the Director of the Susan B. Anthony Center at the U. of R.  Upstate New York, in general, is a fairly conservative area, but Ithaca is a happening, progressive town for sure.   

At 9:04am on August 27, 2011, Don said…

Thanks, Sydni, but this is old news, you realize. The vote took place on Town Meeting day in March, 2008, when those two bozos were still in office.  Vermont is the only state that Bush never visited while he was in office.  And Vermont was the first state to declare for Obama in the election with the highest percentage of the popular vote going to him, after Hawaii, I think.

At 3:51am on August 27, 2011, Alex Tyler said…

Top of the morning to you Sydni, I never left but I have been rather inactive. Lots of changes going on in my life.

The quote is from a song called "Earth" by Amendfoil, their from Finland. I can't seem to get that song out of my head.

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