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Whoever wrote the Quran was really horrible with math

Math is hard and many struggle with it especially those who never had a proper education. Math is considered a universal language because it is the same regardless if you speak Chinese or Arabic. Scientists are planning to use math to communicate with other alien life forms in out space if they ever existed because math is the only true universal language.

Therefore, you would expect the Quran to be free from mathematical errors if a divine God wrote it.

Sadly, that is not the case.

Surah 4 of the Quran, which contains Allah's mathematics on dividing the inheritance, is rife with errors.

Quran(4,11-12) God instructs you regarding your children: The male receives the equivalent of the share of two females. If they are daughters, more than two, they get two-thirds of what he leaves. If there is only one, she gets one-half. As for the parents, each gets one-sixth of what he leaves, if he had children. If he had no children, and his parents inherit from him, his mother gets one-third. If he has siblings, his mother gets one-sixth. After fulfilling any bequest and paying off debts. Your parents and your children—you do not know which are closer to you in welfare. This is God's Law. God is Knowing and Judicious.

 You get one-half of what your wives leave behind, if they had no children. If they had children, you get one-fourth of what they leave. After fulfilling any bequest and paying off debts. They get one-fourth of what you leave behind, if you have no children. If you have children, they get one-eighth of what you leave. After fulfilling any bequest and paying off debts. If a man or woman leaves neither parents nor children, but has a brother or sister, each of them gets one-sixth. If there are more siblings, they share one-third. After fulfilling any bequest and paying off debts, without any prejudice. This is a will from God. God is Knowing and Clement.



Consider just two of the examples: (A)  a man died and his inheritors  are his parents, wives and two daughters, Quran's mathematics require 113% of his estate to be divided; and, (B) if a man died his inheritors   are his mother, wives and two sisters, Quran requires 108% of his estate to be divided, as follows:


66.7% = 2/3 for daughters                                    16.7% = 1/6 for mother
33.3% = 2 x (1/6) for parents                                25.0% = 1/4 for wives
  12.5% = 1/8 for wives                                           66.7% = 2/3 for sisters
112.5% = total for case (A)                                   108.4% = total for case (B)

Even the first rule is a contradiction of its own. ” The male receives the equivalent of the share of two females. If they are daughters, more than two, they get two-thirds of what he leaves.”

What if there are four sons and four daughters, if we follow that then the  sons should have double that of what the daughters get, they should get half the inheritance but if we follow the second rule they should get two thirds.

These failures seem to be the outcome of humans who never studied basic math or logic, therefore it was the reason Why Ibn Taymiyya,the father of modern Muslim terrorism, issued a fatwa against philosophy and math> “whoever used logic has become an infidel”


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Comment by Chris on Thursday

Still learning how others make money traficking

Do it with what ever religious text you choose.

Robert Kraft prostitution scandal exposes depth of modern slavery, ...

Sex trafficking won't stop until the costs are high enough to make rich, powerful men feel that buying Chinese girls from a local spa isn't worth it.

Robert Kraft, the billionaire owner of the six-time Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots was charged Friday with soliciting prostitution at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter, Florida. Not three days prior, the Martin County Sherriff’s Office hosted a news conference to announce the bust of a human trafficking ring involving numerous spas in three counties, including Orchids of Asia. 

The evidence indicates that Chinese women were recruited and transported to the United States under the false promise of securing legitimate jobs, only to be held captive at the spas and coerced to transact for commercial sex. Male clients at Orchids of Day could purchase a female body at the rate of $59 for 30 minutes or $79 for one hour.

Sex trafficking generates annual profits of nearly $100 billion, according to the International Labor Organization, making it the most profitable form of slavery the world has ever seen. Under the United States Trafficking Victims Protection Act, sex trafficking involves the recruitment or transfer of a person; through force, fraud, or coercion; for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation. 

Read more commentary: When rich men like Robert Kraft get charged with soliciting prostit...

I thought sexual abuse only happened to other people's children. Th...

Who buys a trafficked child for sex? Otherwise ordinary men.

Victims are shamed, abused, threatened or otherwise coerced to sell their bodies to male customers. They are treated like chattel slaves in every sense of the word. 

If true, Robert Kraft is one of millions

Even though slavery has been illegal in the United States since the 13th Amendment to the Constitution was passed in 1865, slavery persists in this country because there is very little real penalty for the offense. Sex slavery in particular persists because men are largely able to purchase female bodies for sexual gratification with little to no penalty. These men appear to believe that money somehow confers the right to own another human being for a period of time, like subletting property. 

While the men who purchase commercial sex are by-and-large white professionals with money and power, the bodies they purchase typically belong to poor, disempowered women and children of color. This reality demonstrates that the commercial sex industry is built on the entitlement of males with money to the bodies of women without. 

Beyond sex trafficking, slavery can be found at the bottom of numerous global supply chains. Around the world, slavery grips a sub-class of humanity and violently transforms their poverty, suffering and powerlessness into the delightful things we consume every day — from the food we eat, to the clothes we wear, to the phones in our pockets, to the bodies we abuse. 

If the allegations against Kraft are true, he is but one of the millions of men around the world who purchase female bodies for sex every day. That said, the acute asymmetry between his wealth and power and the powerlessness of the women he is allegedly purchased puts the reality of slavery in sharp focus — money and power have throughout history allowed people to violate the dignity of the poor and vulnerable with impunity. Until this reality changes, slavery will persist.

Society must raise the cost of slavery

To that end, the authorities in Florida must be commended for the extensive investigation that led to the bust of a multinational human trafficking ring. They must further be commended for charging Kraft based on the evidence they gathered. The true test, however, will be what happens next? If the allegations are proved, to what extent will Kraft be held to account? 

A first offense of soliciting prostitution in Florida carries the relatively anemic penalty of a maximum $500 fine and up to 60 days in prison. Will the National Football League impose a stiffer penalty? What about Kraft's friends and peers? What is the appropriate penalty for purchasing another person for sex? 

The $100 billion in annual profits enjoyed by the global sex trafficking industry are generated almost entirely by the purchase prices paid by men for the bodies of women and children. Put another way, male demand to purchase women and children for sex drives the global sex trafficking industry. Without consumer demand, sex trafficking would not exist. 

This fact suggests that the most effective way to eradicate sex trafficking would be to abolish male demand to purchase women and children for sex. That means the imposition of severe penalties that are designed to make it seem far more painful than pleasant to barter in human bodies. Public shame is certainly a serious penalty, but the imposition of far greater financial fines coupled with extensive prison time will be required before men as rich and powerful as Kraft feel that buying Chinese girls from local spas is not worth it.

Siddharth Kara is the author of several books on modern slavery.  He is a senior fellow at the Harvard School of Public Health and an adjunct lecturer at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Follow him on Twitter @siddharthkara.

You can read diverse opinions from our Board of Contributors and other writers on the Opinion front page, on Twitter @usatodayopinion and in our daily Opinion newsletter. To respond to a column, submit a comment to


Donno much, but dislike Abrahamic  discussions that to nowhere.

Comment by Chris on Thursday

What are your calculations for trading slave women, and boys on the market?

I understand that slavery is alive and well.

What is your trading dollar and cost per kid in the slave, or prostitution market?

In the old testimant compaired to todays dollars considering inflation what is the cost today?

A biblical schollar should know the answer to that.

Kind of simple stuff isn't it?

Comment by Chris on Thursday

Incase one doesn't get the jist of my comments.

Image result for symbol for pie
Comment by Chris on Thursday

On Pie,

Ever been to a pizza place and ask how large the pie is - to be told it's eight slices?

No wonder I get a headache sometimes.

Comment by Chris on Thursday

My family always argus over pie.

Comment by Chris on Thursday

Comment by Daniel W on February 18, 2019 at 11:34am

I could see that math leading to some arguments around the dinner table.  :-)

So whoever used logic is an infidel?  Thats a good way to keep people from thinking for themselves.


Funny Daniel,

We never talk about math or logic around the dinner table.


As most religious families do we either sit silently in prayer, or clean our swards.


Comment by Chris on Wednesday

Ever been picked on and called an infidel?

I have - It doesn't really matter does it./

Comment by Chris on March 9, 2019 at 7:34am

Charles Sheif in his book Zero writes that it came from India.

Comment by Chris on March 9, 2019 at 7:31am

Comment by Daniel W on February 18, 2019 at 11:37am

Did Muslims invent algebra?  

10 things Muslims invented
Algebra and the Sexttant for navigation.
The Dow - How ever I claim that Asians were more advanced at sailing.

Comment by Chris on February 26, 2019 at 6:38am


Charles Sheif Author : "Zero:The Biography of a Dangerous Idea" is interesting.

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