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The MPs who DIDN'T vote for Same-sex Marriage (UK)


This week, on Tuesday 5th of February, MPs in England voted in favour of a bill named the "Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill", meaning that gay couples will, in the near future, be able to choose to get married in religious ceremonies (as well as being able to turn an older 'Civil Partnership' into a 'Marriage', provided the religious organisation agrees).

The exact voting figures, taken from The Guardian, were as follows:

• MPs have voted for the gay marriage bill by 400 votes to 175 - a majority of 225.

• More than half of the Tory MPs who voted chose to oppose gay marriage.

This 'more than half', was, I believe, around 136 to 134. Hats off to the 134(despite them, by trade, not caring for the lower classes), but it's the 136 representatives of some of the country's genuine views towards homosexuality I wish to look at more closely...

But before I even begin, I'd like to say this: I have never seen (and will likely never see) a rational, reasonable argument against equal rights, whatever the area - be it sexuality, race, etc. You'll always hear, in debates of this sort, the same few religiously-motivated arguments forming the opposition; and they're all, always ridiculous.

Every following pseudo-argument was employed, if not word for word, by actual Members of Parliament here in the UK. I'm not making any of these up, and I expect you've all come across most of them, sadly.

So, here's the first:

 - "In the beginning there was Adam and EVE, not Adam and STEVE!"

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Comment by Carnun on February 10, 2013 at 5:02pm

Adriana: Thanks, and agreed :)

Davy: Again, agreed... Not much else to say (sorry).

Michel: Ha, true. A lot of them do though - they say it was okay then because if it wasn't, God wouldn't have created a situation where it was necessary.

Don't you just love closed-off, circular logic?


Also (a general comment) there seemed to be a problem with this post... I checked just now, and the link to 'read more of this post' was gone as well as the tags being messed up. Was it always like this?

Comment by Michel on February 9, 2013 at 8:45am

Like Davy says, in the beginning, there was incest...
Now have them explain THAT!

Comment by Davy on February 9, 2013 at 6:57am

They finally did something right, congratulations England and Wales.

 "In the beginning there was Adam and EVE, not Adam and STEVE but then came Cain and Able! 

Now we have to work on the Australian pollies to do the same thing as they are just beginning to discuss this in the political circles there and in the general public.  

Comment by Adriana on February 8, 2013 at 7:49pm
Great post, Carnun! And congratulations to all my UK friends for having a Parliament that did the right thing.

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