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The fool has said in his heart there is no god

You must have read the 14th Psalm where the above verse is found. 

I have written a post in response to a Catholic who in her writing consider the atheist a fool for not believing fairy tales or for dismissing miracles and prophecy.

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Comment by Onyango Makagutu on February 5, 2014 at 2:34am

That's something to have faith in.

The discussions on gods take us nowhere.

Comment by Davy on January 30, 2014 at 3:12pm

She is talking about her god the god of Abraham forgetting about all the other gods that are just as true as her god around the world. I came to be atheist by my own  experiences in that were they true then there is no god of Abraham nor anyother god for that matter. Were my experiences prove to be false then there is still no god or anyother gods because no matter what you look at nature whether the macro universe of the stars or the micro universe of atoms and bacterium there is no spirit of a supernatural being in them either!  

The only thing I have faith in, the sort she has, is that one day I will die but while waiting for that day I sure will be taxed to the hilt!

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