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Clement of Alexandria was a 2nd-3rd Century theologian who spoke of the ease of converting the many uneducated “simple believers”of his day to Christianity. I do understand and sympathize with these early believers who needed something to believe in. These early believers who feared death and the forces of Nature. However, I have scant patience with those present day supernatural believers who live in an age of having knowledge the Big Bang. In the Twenty-First Century, and the profound amount of scientific information presently available concerning Nature and human nature, there is no longer an allowance for Clement’s “simple believers.” It is disconcerting to me, but if someone believes some of this supernatural foolishness, I can accept that is where that person is emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. However, I have little respect for their abstract reasoning skills. If a person believes in a circus of corpses rising from the dead, a virgin birth, devils, etc. it is difficult for me to have an intelligent conversation with that person. John Friel pointed out that, "some people believe that God is actually an old man with a long beard. Most people who believe that are around 4 years old, either chronologically or emotionally." (1993) This ineptitude demonstrates 3rd rate thinking and 3rd grade mentality. I view such silliness along the lines of the Easter Bunny, Halloween ghosts and goblins, Santa Claus, and Ronald McDonald. I evaluate such foolishness as being equivalent to the fairy tales of Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Mother Goose, Beauty and the Beast, and Pinocchio.

Current allegiance to senseless beliefs and values surely demonstrates a childhood indoctrination that has chained a person to concrete thinking. Supernatural appeal is the product of man-made religions implanting beliefs into the impressionable young. Adult supernatural appeal is aimed at the simple-minded, lazy-minded, and those having an anti-intellectual refusal to think for themselves. Once implanted there is a proliferation of such beliefs. That is, supernatural beliefs beget supernatural beliefs ---> silliness begets silliness. More reasonable beings would not be so susceptible to such unnatural absurdities. If a person desires taking a journey to self-evolve emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually that person must evaluate and challenge their current beliefs. However, the trouble is once such beliefs have been cemented into the human brain, few will contest such absolutes. I say enough is enough! Rationally minded people of good will must stand-up to man-made religions that have done so much damage to the human world. With an amplified voice this destructive madness must be denounced. Yet, I fear for the vast majority of insecure, paranoid, and lonely humans, the hoax and bad joke of supernaturalism will continue. It will continue until our brain has had a chance to neuro-anatomically reconfigure itself through evolution, and can redevelop itself to the extent where we no longer fear death or the forces of Nature.

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Comment by Chris on March 9, 2019 at 8:30pm

I would laugh if I didn't cry.

Humor is the tight rope of humanity.

Comment by Chris on March 3, 2019 at 11:49pm

All of this in Abrihbric religion (Semetantic), and many eastern relgons are mythology.

If it was viewed  as phylosophy rather than ablolute truth perhape civilisation would behave better.

Comment by Clayton Rhofes on February 12, 2019 at 9:22am

I think religion(or other "retardisms") is a result of mis-education. Christians are not crazy for believing in Jesus because, Jesus is predicted in the Old Testament,whereas in reality the so-called "Jesus" prophecies are taken out of context from the OT,and in some instances these words are mistranslated to promote the validity of Christianity. Muslims claim that the Quran contains scientific miracles that were hundreds of years before their secular discovery,whereas in reality these miracles are based on mis-translations and half-truths.

(Most) Religious folk arn't retarded,they have been mis-educated or deeply- indoctrinated. What really pisses me off i when i talk to muslims who,when asked if they Google "Quran Contradictions",they say they don't need to,or when Christians who debate me either refuse to listen to me,or straight up admit they don't know how these "Jesus Prophecies" are actually  talking about that Jesus fucker. Fuck religion, i don't know why this shit still lurks around in the back of my mind

Comment by Stephen on February 9, 2019 at 2:35pm

Then as now its always been easier to convert the under educated. I fear it will always be thus.

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