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Lester Unega Waya
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Chinese traditional religion
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Nearly half of all Americans expect Jesus to return by 2050.

Posted on March 30, 2013 at 11:12am 11 Comments

The poll by the Pew Research Centre questioned 1,546 adults aged 21-26 and asked them about a range of things they expected to happen by 2050.

They found 71 per cent expect cancer will be cured, 66 per cent expect artificial limbs to be working better than real ones and 53 per cent say ordinary people will travel in space.

But it was the high number who confidently predict a Second Coming that raised eyebrows.

David Silverman, spokesman for American Atheists, blamed poor…


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At 9:56am on April 10, 2019, Chris said…

Lester check this out.

At 7:48pm on January 31, 2019, Mrs.B said…

Thanks Lester, will have a look after dinner.

At 4:08am on December 11, 2018, Chris said…

For any who may be interested, which is unlikely Suiseki is an interesting hobby. More than likely the subject is too deep.

Chrysanthemum stones are interesting.

An ornamental stone displaying chrysanthemum-like patterns in a contrasting matrix. Marketed specimens are often highlighted by selective painting of the matrix with a dye to over-emphasise the crystal pattern, which in the process obliterates some of it.

The composition of chrysanthemum stone is variable. Material from the "classic" occurrence at Yonghe in Liuyang County of Hunan Province consists of celestine, but specimens recovered from outcrops of the same strata at other places in the area are mostly mixtures of calcite, chalcedony and minor dolomite which replace earlier celestine (Yan et al., 2001). Material from another well known occurrence at Laibin of Guangxi Province consists of strontianite (Zhang and Li, 1999). More recently, holmquistite "suns" in a light schist matrix from the Altay pegmatite field have been traded in China as chrysanthemum stones as well (Wang et al., 2009).

Japanese "chrysanthemum stone" is aragonite (or calcite pseudomorphs after aragonite) in schalstein matrix.


Some may wonder why civilizations and ancient cities grew around volcanoes and earthquake fault lines.  It is well documented that fault zones provided minerals/ metals and water supplies.

Seismic faults and sacred sanctuaries in Aegean antiquity

At 7:25pm on December 9, 2018, Chris said…

Beautiful photograph, by the way.  I would encourage you if interested in photography to take photographs of every day people.

I was in a small town where people came out to see me because of course I looked like a horse face - having a mustasch and big nose.    People held up babies and toddlers to look at me - of course they cried  because I looked so different.


At 7:19pm on December 9, 2018, Chris said…

Beautiful photograph by the way.

At 7:17pm on December 9, 2018, Chris said…

I'm curious, what do you think Chinese traditional religion is? 

I know a little about different ideologies of Budhissm, Taoism,  and Confucianism.

Within these there are different schools of phylosophy.

In my ingnorant mind there are broader schools of phylosophy that  expecially on the West side of China  include  Hindu, and Islamic ideas.

At 4:06am on November 9, 2018, Chris said…

I wonder if bejesus believers don't care about climate change because they will be raised to heaven.  I think some, if not many encourage armageddon.

At 4:02am on November 9, 2018, Chris said…

Hi Lester,

Glad to see you back online.


At 12:08pm on September 13, 2018, Stephen said…

Happy Birthday Lester have a great day

At 8:18pm on September 13, 2017, Stephen said…

Happy Birthday Lester have a great day

At 4:56pm on September 13, 2016, Stephen said…

Happy Birthday Lester have a great day

At 2:15pm on May 15, 2016, Mrs.B said…

Thanks for the picture & the song, both lovely!

At 9:17am on May 15, 2016, Davy said…

Ni Hoa Lester.

The link I gave you is for another Taiwanese Singer called Gong Yue, The song is called "I ask you rain", it is sung Hokkien Chinese.  
Qǐng xiǎngyòng

At 9:14am on May 15, 2016, Davy said…

感谢您对龙姐妹歌曲。, Gǎnxiè nín duì lóng dàjiě de gē.

Thank you for Dragon Sister's song.

At 1:20am on May 15, 2016, Mrs.B said…

Beautiful song.

At 12:59am on November 6, 2015, Chris said…

The sound of hot water is different than the sound of cool water Lester.

At 5:02pm on September 13, 2015, Davy said…

This is a belated Xie Xie for your kind thoughts on my birthday. Been caught up with moving house and it taking the ISP three months to get me back online. We have our own two bedroom apartment now. 

At 4:56pm on September 13, 2015, Davy said…

Happy Birthday Lester, Wish you all best old mate.

At 12:19pm on September 13, 2015, Stephen said…

Happy Birthday Lester have a great day

At 9:19am on September 13, 2015, Doone gave Lester Unega Waya a gift

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