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True Cost of the U.S Military

Started 11 hours ago 0 Replies

Brief video of the below article from an independently funded news group is here:Tomgram: Hashem and…Continue

U.S. States

Started this discussion. Last reply by Chris 9 hours ago. 13 Replies

Curious about how Americans and others  think about the U.S..Where do you think the worst state in the U.S. would be to live and why?Continue

RICO and The Don

Started this discussion. Last reply by Stephen Apr 14. 1 Reply

Corruption?Here's an interesting link about Kushner.  The background leads up to the interesting part which begins at about time 33 minutes. As complicated as it is it in my opinon is worth the…Continue

Have you ever been to a religious Hospital?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Chris Mar 12. 6 Replies

Have you ever been to a religious Hospital?Some of them are interesting - they will throw you out the door to a tauama center if you don't subscribe their belief system.Some may not want to disciss…Continue


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Chris commented on Julien's group The Music Box
"Speaking   Nils."
35 minutes ago
Chris commented on Julien's group The Music Box
"I don't know how many know much about the Dutch Reformed Church.  I have an inlaw relative who's a member. She thinks and likely is  privaleged. I could tell you some stories."
1 hour ago
Chris commented on Julien's group The Music Box
"I'm not sure why I'm thinking about this - perhaps because of the droubt  and  what South Africa called day zero for water avalivility. Dutch - er Afrikaniners What do you have to say about it?"
1 hour ago
Chris commented on Julien's group The Music Box
"Hip Hop Polka? Different cultures are interesting - doesn't mean I have to like either Hip Hop, or Polka."
2 hours ago
Chris commented on Clayton Rhofes's blog post A little Help About Biblical History Plz
"Having written the below. Have you ever met a Seik you disliked?"
2 hours ago
Chris commented on Clayton Rhofes's blog post A little Help About Biblical History Plz
"Is it possible to get out of Abrahamic religious indroctinication one was raised with? I seriously doubt it. Does God Command Evil Acts in the Bible? August 3, 2017 By John…"
2 hours ago
Chris commented on Julien's group The Music Box
"John Lee Hooker "
3 hours ago
Chris commented on Julien's group The Music Box
"Polka Laurence Welk.   I guess you have to be from that culture. My Uncle a Jazz player told me a joke about breaking into a car to throw an accordion in."
5 hours ago
Chris commented on Julien's group The Music Box
"For what it's worth."
5 hours ago
Chris commented on Julien's group The Music Box
"For what it's worth."
5 hours ago
Chris commented on Stephen's group A Woman's right to choose
"Interreading from another group. I'm 13 yr's old how do I tell my paren't I'm pregnant? -- I'll get disgusting. A Christian dominionist asked me about that one time. Should a child  be able to have an abortion without…"
5 hours ago
Chris commented on Neil Weightman's group Atheist Cat Servants
"It's interesting to look at auto-imune disorders. My cat was a ferril.  I have no idea how old she is. I trapped her after she had a litter of kits. It was sad one of the kits she was able to ween the rest likely starved - she brought…"
6 hours ago
Chris commented on Chris's group Documentaries
"Origin of Taming Horses and some general information about Horses. It may not be available in all areas.   The link below should as a minimum provide the transcript. FIRST HORSE…"
9 hours ago
Chris commented on Neil Weightman's group Atheist Cat Servants
"My cat as an auto-Immune problem.   She's hyper allergic.  She itches and like incessantly. I found that Atopica for cats works well.  Her skin is clearing up as well as her eyes."
9 hours ago
Chris commented on Julien's group The Music Box
"Some may like this 'authentic' Andian music."
9 hours ago
Chris replied to Chris's discussion U.S. States
"What do you mean by that Stephen?"
9 hours ago

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At 5:09am on May 4, 2019, Doone said…

Chris, can you please stop posting for the weekend?  I think you need to take a vacation from AU for a few days. Any post you make will be deleted by me, Doone so please do not waste your time.  Thanks in advance for complying wiht my wishes.

At 5:33am on April 30, 2019, Lutz said…

Angelspit has some excellent lyrics---given the place it originates from. Not all of my cds are like this. In fact that is one of the exceptions. But for bandwidth I play cd's. Uses very little electriciy

At 12:18am on April 14, 2019, Atheist Universe gave Chris a gift
At 4:41pm on March 28, 2019, Dennis Paul Renner said…

All money that has taxation, and interest involved is a form of percentage slavery.  No way around it. 

Every major form of theism has a version of the Golden rule.  Some times called the law of reciprocity.  Atheists generally refer to it this way.   It is probably the most common sense ideology humans ever came up with.  Every aspect of our social behavior should be tested against this law, rule, or what ever you want to call it.  If that was done, and enforced it would solve 90% of our problems.   Think of all the human constructs that are in conflict with the Golden Rule.  Monetary system, Economics, Markets, capitalism, literally any thing that causes social stratification, or inequality.   Think of the number of products that would not be sold or traded as they cause health harms to individuals as well all of society.    If we simple took seriously the act of doing no harm to anyone, or any society that we would not want imposed on our selves.   Well you get the idea.  Humanity has had the answer to its' problems for centuries.   If it had only practiced what it preached.    

At 3:44am on March 24, 2019, Lutz said…

excellent find there...good stuff

At 6:24pm on February 18, 2019, Lutz said…

your friends remark about barley soup- very astute-because the Mesopotamians did brew beer from this. thousand of years ago. then this idea ended up in Egypt. Where they had seven different brews. In Mesopotamia it was sucked up through a straw. There is this classic two some- clay figurines I saw this in Der Spiegel where they showed this guy shafting his girlfriend-wife-lover from the rear as she was bending over and sucking beer with a straw from a bowl. rippa people.

At 6:20pm on February 18, 2019, Lutz said…

I got this Chinese Astrology book. Interesting form all sorts of views. I am a metal-rabbit! They have five elements not four. The fifth is this metal. Their history is amazing. Way ahead of all the others. Including Mongol invasions. Their philosophy much more nuanced. Not this waffling of the Greeks who mangled Indian thinking. And not religious at all. More spiritual. But not this new age crap either. Based on Tao--which is best left uncommented on [by me!] Their poets are so spot on. Chung Tzu and Lao Tse are two of the best there. Then by the ninth century came Buddhism. This blended with Tao to crate Ch'an Buddhism. That ended in Japan to become Zen. Another branch went to Thailand. These Thai Buddhists had a temple and a separate mediation place in Sydney's China Town. Where I learnt their meditation. By concentrating only on breathing. Not as simple as it is. But well worth it. No propaganda, no chanting, no mantras, no candles, nothing at all. Just like my brain. If only I could empty the shit it gestates continually.

At 1:21am on February 13, 2019, Lutz said…

I blame my brain --- it is a vomitorium and tells me things---

then goes mental---

At 2:21am on January 6, 2019, Lutz said…

thank you Chris for the comment on my bogblog aka new year where you mentioned throwing out the current calendar preferring the 22nd December which makes absolute sense. I think it is the Romans and Janus that was adopted by us. I mean why not the Chinese or my favorite civilization India! Go back to the Vedas. Start there.

At 4:21am on December 31, 2018, Lutz said…

Dead Right sport- not only that there's this hole in the outback - secret site- ancient- you end up in that you end up in China!- and the beer goes flat along the way.


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