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zrdm's Groups (26)

  • Green Earth

    50 members Latest Activity: Dec 25, 2018

    A place to discuss anything that has to do with the "Greening" of our planet.

  • Golden Wattle, Silver Fern

    23 members Latest Activity: Dec 7, 2014

    Golden Wattle, Silver…

  • Atheist Cat Servants

    24 members Latest Activity: Oct 27, 2018 "In ancient times, cats were worshipped as gods. They have never forgotten this." Terry Pratchett.


    28 members Latest Activity: Jun 26, 2017

    A group about Death (and other such things that make life worth leaving).

  • Imagine No Religion, Please!

    97 members Latest Activity: 1 hour ago

    Critical views on religion.

  • Political Visions.

    18 members Latest Activity: Aug 17, 2018

    Welcome to Political Visions.
    The aim of this group is to learn about other peoples political visions and discuss those visions. How they…

  • ex-pious atheists

    5 members Latest Activity: Jun 15, 2017

    Atheists for whom religion used to play a large role in their lives. Stories of breaking free, the hangups, the struggle of trying to square…

  • Science!

    114 members Latest Activity: 6 hours ago

    This group is for all science lovers and science fans, you don't need to be a scientist to enjoy talking or learning about science!

  • FoxNews Watch

    29 members Latest Activity: Aug 21, 2018 Keeping a tab on Amerca's worst broadcasting organization.

  • Weird News

    31 members Latest Activity: May 4, 2017

    This is a collection of strange, weird and odder than odd news tidbits. 

  • Atheist Morality

    98 members Latest Activity: on Saturday

    The purpose of this group is to discuss morality from all points of view: biological, evolutionary, philosophical. Specific moral questions are…

  • Cuisine L'Internationale

    15 members Latest Activity: Feb 17

    This group is where you can post your favourite recipe, a heritage recipe hand down from mother
    to daughter/son, or a regional specialty…

  • Right Wing Whackos

    22 members Latest Activity: Mar 23

    This is a place to post discussions and news articles about the right wing. 

  • Philosophers Stone

    62 members Latest Activity: Nov 6, 2017

    What is your philosophy on life? What is your philosophy on anything? You are the only one that can hold your ideas back in here. Just remember.…

  • Military Atheists

    4 members Latest Activity: Jun 11, 2012

    Active duty, reservists, guardsmen veterans, dependents of active duty military


    49 members Latest Activity: Mar 31, 2018

    A group about unbelievable nonsense!

  • Atheists in the Middle East

    36 members Latest Activity: Dec 14, 2015


    We are a group of Atheists in the Middle East & North Africa. Everybody, feel…

  • Health & Nutrition

    32 members Latest Activity: Oct 14, 2014

    Come in here to discuss,food, health, fitness and…

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