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Magnetism still confuses believers: Earth Rotation Denialists

From the Fair Education Foundation, Inc.:

Levitating Globe

"An electromagnet and computerized sensor hidden in its

display stand cause the Earth to levitate motionlessly in the air."

Could God have engineered something like that for the real Earth?

The Bible and all real evidence confirms that this is precisely what He did, and indeed:

The Earth is not rotating...nor is it going around the sun.

>>>The universe is not one ten trillionth the size we are told./p>

Today’s cosmology fulfills an anti-Bible religious plan disguised as "science".

The whole scheme from Copernicanism to Big Bangism is a factless lie.

Those lies have planted the Truth-killing virus of evolutionism

in every aspect of man’s "knowledge" about the Universe, the

Earth, and Himself.


This guy's 'foundation' is his own befuddlement at the phenomenon of magnetism. He begs the question, can ignorance be quantified?  

A small chunk of his massive reviews page on his book:

"...something of a classic. I found the style extremely entertaining and sometimes hilarious... It was just the style which would give the book a wide audience and open the eyes of a lot of people."
Martin Gwynne, Essayist, London, England

"I will present your book in our review... I appreciate it very much."
Yves Nourissat, Dijon, France

"Well done!"
Walter van der Kamp, Educator, Author, Lecturer. BC, Canada

"Scientifically documented, logically valid, scripturally sound, your book,
The Earth Is Not Moving, recaptures the God-given common sense and wisdom that modern science has long abandoned."

James V. Forsee, Educator, Louisville, KY

"I found it to be chuck full of fresh ideas.... Your best coverage was of relativity and Einstein. That stuff is riddled with flaws and you made the most of them."
R.G. Elmendorf, Engineer, Pitt.PA


It's another Armageddon Cult,all about trumpets:

1st through 6t Trumpet Plagues Reveal Time Truths

  By the time Jesus' coming Truth Blitzkrieg has divided the world's populations into overt Satan worshipers and those who get on God's side, the Fall of Babylon time frame is over.  Other time frames which are part of the Beast's overall 3 ½ years will have begun.

 Wasting no time, the 1st Trumpet Plague begins and announces the progression of the 7 Trumpet Plagues which bracket The Beast's 3 ½ year reign. With that in mind we can begin investigating a series of Biblically predetermined time frames which culminate in Armageddon which is the very last day of the 7th vial/bowl Trumpet of the 7th  Trumpet.


In 2007, it came upon him to setup a website to reveal the truth and he claims  4,899,484 visitors, but fair disclosure, that would include me. 

And (why am I not surprised?) ...there's a US Republican politician, Benjamin Bridges, Ga who was circulating memos throughout the Georgia legislature to the effect that evolution and heliocentrism were untrue.

"Indisputable evidence — long hidden but now available to everyone — demonstrates conclusively that so-called 'secular evolution science' is the Big-Bang 15-billion-year alternate 'creation scenario' of the Pharisee Religion... This scenario is derived concept-for-concept fromRabbinic writings in the mystic 'holy book' Kabbala dating back at least two millennia."[3]

It amazes me that crackpot notions like these can have so much reach. Education sure is lacking in certain parts.

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People want to believe what they want to believe regardless of the facts. There are people that the more we discover, the more we make our species and the planet we live even more insignificant, the more they become afraid and fearful. So they will embrace ideas that will give back the significance and importance to their little lives and the planet they live on!

This is so funny I can't bear it !!!!!!!!!  

Anything can go by .......

I guess this Big Bangism is something of a mystery. I guess it's too much elementary for him my dear Watson.


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