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DNA testing

Is DNA testing testing through companies such as "DNA and me" or any of the others of any benifit?

If so what was the (personal) value, how much did it cost and what was learned?

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My whole family did the test, it was very instructive and the reports are interesting.  I recommend it.

Thanks for answering Doone.

What did you learn?

How much did it cost?

Was potential health risk information based on the DNA profile provided, or was that an extra fee?

Depending upon how far back you go we are all from Africa, or Amobeas.

I imagine your family found out they were related along with different things in the woodpile as well as needles in the haystacks.

A friend of mine took one of the widely advertized DNA tests. 

He said the information was for the most part everything he already knew about his family and upbringing. 

He said he thought it was a hook to get him to take bate to bite on an ancessteral website.

I've heard others say some DNA companies and related web sites are run and managed by the LDS (Mormons).

It was about $100 as we had a discount.  I learned a lot as it had many reports on health, ancestry etc.  No health flags but I did learn I was about 3+ percent Neanderthal.  

~3% Neandrethal.

Does that matter?

Did the DNA test have anything about the SS7G8 group?

SS7G8 Ethnic Group And Religious Group Of SW Asia

If not how many groups did the test check?
How many groups are there?

How many pages was the report?

What benifit did you gain from your DNA test?

I wonder how much DNA test reaults will effect "Health Care" and other insurance premiums.

Someone with a 'bald' gene isn't nececarrially bald.


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