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Do you play any instrumenst at all? Would you like to?

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I dont' play any (yet), but I've always wanted to learn to play the guitar and the piano.
I'm a certified band and orchestra teacher, so I play all of the common instruments at at least a middle school level.  My main instruments are horn and trumpet.
never had the chance to learn but always wanted to learn the cello but also wanted to learn to speak Japanese. Big dreams from my little world.
Ha. I want to learn Japanese as well. It's never too late, you know.
My wife plays fiddle and I accompany her on guitar. She plays in the style of the county of Donegal (Ireland) which has some Scottish influence. My guitar style is mainly percussive rhythm, much in the style of John Dolye. I don't do much finger picking or melody, but I'm starting to incorporate it more lately than I have in the past.

that's me on the sax my dreams, anyway!!!     ha ha!!....


{so far, i only play the radio...but wow, when i play that radio, wow, i'm really good at it, i can even move people, change their moods, share my own inner feelings, take them to another time and place even....or make 'em get up and dance....with that radio....i'll have to upload some videos of me playing the radio....}





My dad taught himself how to play the guitar. I love guitar myself because of the various things you can do. Electric and acoustic. I owe it to the Smashing Pumpkins. I heard "Beautiful" one day and I was hooked ever since.

I'm trying to teach my fingers to play basic chords on a keyboard.

I wish I had studied music when younger.

Though I've played various instruments, the one that I cherish the most is the guitar. Have taught and performed, but I get the most enjoyment outside playing in the sun anywhere


If anyone has a young one that displays even a slight predilection for music, find that young one an instrument and a teacher. It is a gift that lasts an entire life.

I do not play any. I wanted to learn violin and piano.
I play some six-string (mostly electric) but always wanted to learn the violin.


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