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Do you play any instrumenst at all? Would you like to?

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slightly off topic, since it is not about which instrument we'd like to play, but, about the wonderfulness of playing an instrument:


Our AU member, Just Jay, is very talented and enthusiastic, passionate musician,

and he once said to me, (para) in his trying to encourage me, that even older ppl like me can learn an instrument:

"Once you learn to play a musical instrument, the world will look different to you." or something to that effect, which i found fascinating to consider.

but, i suspect, Just Jay might get even more out of his love for music than the average person, but, still, a very very interesting remark.

Me I do not play any instrument but I have found one instrument that I do like and even though I am getting long in the tooth so to speak there is one instrument that I would like to play and which I did not know about until I married a Ukrainian Lady. That instrument is the Ukrainian Bandura.
They are pleasant to listen to when played by someone that can make it sing!


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