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This thread is here for you to:


1. Post your random music videos -- things that you may be listening to at the moment, or something that popped into your mind that you haven't listened to in a while but which you'd like to share, or just a cool new song you discovered, or an old favorite that you listen to over and over again.


2. Post really cool, neat, or artistic music videos you've come across (whether you really like the music or not).


3. Post MP3s and other music files you'd like to share.


Here's my first selection. I'm not a huge fan of Bjork, but this is a fun song and a neat video.




And here's another really neat video and song I like, Bat for Lashes, "What's a Girl to Do?"


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I posted this on several sites, think it was hated by all. Now 'll give you a chance to hate it twice. =)


First is a weird live version, second was the album version.



Yeah, I can see why nobody like it, lol! This really belongs under my post "Incredibly Strange Music" though, doncha think?

You are correct. =)

I do actually like them. Think the lyrics are fairly powerful.
I love weird trip-hop.
It's not bad, but it is weird.
I for one,  like it a lot.

Finally, someone with taste. =)

You're both a couple of nutjobs! : )



Love that one too.


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