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This piece of music covers the most popular musical instruments of the Chinese Culture. 
The Pipa, Guzheng, Xiao the vertical flute, Yudi horizontal flute, and the Erhu 

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This is the Guzheng 

I love this music!

The first song on this compliation of songs is sung by Deng Lijun aka Teresa Teng  is called ( Si Jun) Thinking of you from the Song Dynasty ( 960 -1279 ) and the last song is called (dan yuan ren chang jiu) Wish We Live Long Lives also sung by Lijun and also from the Song Dynasty 
This work is subtitled so you will be able to know what they are singing about and talking about in the introduction of groups of songs. So enjoy 

Here is the track titles 

1, "Si Jun": Teresa Teng;
2, "in the water side": Tong Yao;
3, "spend the moon": Zeng Gege, Feng Xiaoquan;
4, "sweet honey": Teresa Teng;
5, "the first love of the place": Zhao Yaxuan;
6, "spring bite bucket ring": Chen Liyuan;
7, "alone on the West Wing": Teresa Teng;
8, "rouge tears": Zhao Yaxuan;
9, "Jun heart of my heart": Duan Wan Tong;
10, "Goodbye my lover": Tong Yao;
11, "water flower": Wang Fang;
12, "weak water three thousand": stone, Zhang Xiaotang;
13, "the wind contains water smile": Li Yi;
14, "Oriental girl": the central gold;
15, "past as yesterday": Li Na;
16, "mandarin duck Kam": blue days;
17, "margin": Chen Li Li;
18, "How many days will you come again": Teresa Teng;
19, "Acacia": Zhang Qiong;
20, "I hope people long": Teresa Teng.

1, 《思君》:邓丽君; 
10、《再见 我的爱人》:桐瑶; 
13、《风含情 水含笑》:李依娃; 

Also Track 7 is sung by Lijun and the song is based on a Southern Tang Dynasty ( 937 - 975 ) poem.  獨上西樓 (du shang xi lou) Alone Ascending The West Chamber. 詞牌: 哀思 (Grief / Ai si)

Absolutely beautiful!

The first tune is called "Whisper of Pipa " and the second tumne is called "Blue Sky" played by Zhao Cong a very talented Pipa Player! The Pipa is the Chinese version of the lute. 

This track is called "Ambushed from all sides" 
An ancient, master piece of Pipa, Chinese traditional music instrument. The music describes the final battle between two forces, Chu (Xiang Yu) and Han (Liu Bang), back to 202 B.C. After the dying Qin dynasty, the first Emperor of the whole China, these two forces were fighting for the crown. This battle happened at Kai Xia (垓下, now in south of An Hui Province) that Han arranged a big ambush that surrounded the Zhu army and eventually destroyed them all and Xiang Yu the leader of Zhu suicide beside the river (there is another master Pipa piece called 霸王卸甲, Master Ba took off his armor so stay toned).

The music uses almost all the skills that Pipa has to describe the battle from start to the end: settling the base, marching of the soldiers, selecting generals, arranging the ambush, small fight, the final big fight, the chasing, you name it. By using the unique Pipa techniques, you can hear special effects beside the music: long horn blowing, the drum, clash of weapons and armors, horse neighing, soldiers shouting and charging, and more.

Pipa is an traditional Chinese music instrument that imported to China from mid-Asia almost 2000 years ago. The siblings of the possible same ancestor could be lute, guitar and else. Pipa musics can be classified into two categories: Wen (文 that generally soft and sad) and Wu (武 that generally loud and strong). This 十面埋伏 is a typical Wu type of music, the master one. You will need years of training and very strong muscle to play.

Now here is a change in pace of music with the Dizi (traditional Chinese  Bamboo flute) the flautist is Chen Yue with a tune title "Fairy footsteps in Green Land" 

Going back to the Pipa here is Lin Hai with a nice little tune called "Pipa Language "

Here is another tradional Chinese instrument called the Hulusi. The tune is called "Phoenix Tailed Bamboo under Moonlight" 

Thanks so much Davy. I really enjoyed these tunes!


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