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There are tons of music styles I like. For the most part I am into Punk, Oi!, Ska, and Reggae. Sometimes I wish the songs weren't so hard because a lot more people would like what they band is singing about. Whether it be about politics, animal rights, atheism, women rights or what ever, they vocalize about everything. One band I am really into is called Gogol Bordello. If you like world music this might be just for you. No one in the band is from the US. They come from countries like Ukraine, Russia, Israel, China, and Ecuador. They infuse their countries music along with punk rock and a little alternative rock. They are freaking awesome! Give them a listen to sometime. Here is a link to see one of their music videos.

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I like jazz, but this works too.

Dancin' In The Moonlight - King Harvest

Gogol Bordello - "Start Wearing Purple" Side One Dummy

Is a great song.

I had a Chinese friend I send this song to. She got really angry about it, who moved to AZ after growing up in the S.F. bay area. For some reason she found it offensive and refused to speak to me again.


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