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There are tons of music styles I like. For the most part I am into Punk, Oi!, Ska, and Reggae. Sometimes I wish the songs weren't so hard because a lot more people would like what they band is singing about. Whether it be about politics, animal rights, atheism, women rights or what ever, they vocalize about everything. One band I am really into is called Gogol Bordello. If you like world music this might be just for you. No one in the band is from the US. They come from countries like Ukraine, Russia, Israel, China, and Ecuador. They infuse their countries music along with punk rock and a little alternative rock. They are freaking awesome! Give them a listen to sometime. Here is a link to see one of their music videos.

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One of my sons loves Gogol Bordello! I think they're awesome myself too!
Awesome. It's cool to here that your son likes then and you do too. It's hard to find people that have even heard of them.
Well, the band is from New York and my son has a musician friend who took him to one of their shows!
Thanks for the link. I watched some of Gogol Bordello's videos and really liked them. It looks like they have a great time making music, which makes it fun to listen to.
Oh yeah. I love to listen to them. I've downloaded almost all their albums. I can't get enough of them.

One of their newest songs is about immigration. It's called Immigrandiana (We're Comin' Rougher). The message is strong and very important in what is happening in the US today. Here is a link to the video.

Yes, this one is really good! Listen to the lyrics, people.
Thanks again. I've been adding these to my favorites list on youtube. Great music and video.

Serj Tankian- The Unthinking Majority from the album Elect The Dead (great lyrics).


I can't embed (embed is disabled by YouTube), but here is the link to watch the video and listen to the song. For those of you politically conscious, listen to the lyrics.


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