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Some of you who've known me for some time probably know that I like strange music, especially if it is dark music, too.


I thought it would be good to have a thread to post strange, unusual, or off-beat music for those of us who are more extreme in our tastes. For now, I'll start with this.


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Besides dark and strange (or macabre) music, I also really, really like bad music for some reason. I just love Wing!


It's so bad, it's good. : )


A Yoko Ono disciple.

Wow... I finally found someone that sings worse than me.


I've heard her sing before on South Park, but I thought they were just making fun of her - but it was actually her singing... Wow!


It's so bad, it's funny, not good, at least for me. I literally can't stop laughing. :)

Listening to Wing always puts me in a good mood. : )


I LMAO as well.

*Thumbs down icon"

If you want to be disturbed (or laugh with tears)...

I've seen that. That is just fucking wierd and scary. You know why they do that,right? So that people's genitals don't touch.

Well, I just can't stop laughing at how stupid some people can be. If we can't find humour in human stupidity, then it's all for nothing.


Yes, it is scary too. It is scary that there still are people that actually believe stuff like that and actually live their lives according to such beliefs. But funny anyway. :)

This is nice, and not actually strange.


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