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Post your favorite disco dancing music here!









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"Raining Men" is one of my hippie/artist daughter's favorites.

or it was at some point in time.  lol.  My daughters are very cute, it DOES rain men for them both!! ha ha.


but i can remember her dancing around the house, singing this song.

my kids grew up with soul and disco in their ears..."Musical Imprinting"??

Chicago be patient or forward to 3 or 4 minutes into the video;

Amazing band!


Maybe some of it's OK. If the guitar riffs.

This is intollerable.

Do the Hustle

She will be missed!

She died!

Yes she was good. 

I hated them passionately at the time: just bubble gum music! 

But they played so universally that they ingrained themselves in the soundtrack of my life. Now I  listen to them with fondness.


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