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Post your favorite disco dancing music here!









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Disney tried to get into the craze.

Sorry, I didn't like the disco phase.

Sure I went to discos and danced to it - that's were the girls were - it doesn't mean I liked the music though. I rented a furnished house that had a disco ball in one of the rooms.

No lasers yet then.

Disco balls need laser.

At that time there were only spot lights. Lasers were just coming into fruition, but the spot lights still made the disco ball sparkly.

i LOVE funky

Curly Girl, you are not alone, i LOVED disco.  I still do.  Mmmmhmm.



How about some "art-disko"? All instruments used for that recording were bought at Toys-R-Us.

I was never crazy about disco but now I like some of it. Go figure. Guess I'm getting old.

This was really hot when I was a teen.

good one, now if that doesn't make you wanna finish that work-out at a good pace, nothing will!

I love "It's raining men"!

"Raining Men" is one of my hippie/artist daughter's favorites.

or it was at some point in time.  lol.  My daughters are very cute, it DOES rain men for them both!! ha ha.


but i can remember her dancing around the house, singing this song.

my kids grew up with soul and disco in their ears..."Musical Imprinting"??

Amazing band!


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