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"Allah had become a refugee
So, seize even the Mosque carpet
And sell the church, it's his property
And sell the muezzin in the Black market
And Turn off the stars wicks because it'll
Light up the path for the homeless drifter
Even our orphans ,their 
father is absent
So sir, seize our orphans too!
Don't apologize! who said that you're oppressive?
Don't stress! Who said you're the aggressor?"
I'll stop here.

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Great idea! I'm a big fan.

haha thanks! & enjoy.

I see Google posting laundry soap advertizements for this video. How racist is that?

From all eras..


je ve vivre ( cheb faudel)

Dedicated to you Michel =)

Great music.,

Give me the flute and sing
For singing is a secret of existence
And the wailing of the flute remains
After the vanishing of the world

Have you taken the forest, like me
As a home, instead of palaces
So have you followed the waterfalls
And climbed the rocks

Have you bathed in fragrance
And were you dried by light
Have you drank the dawn as wine
From cups of ether?

Have you sat in the afternoon
Like me, between grab vines
And the clusters hanged
Like chandeliers of gold?

Have you taken the grass as bed
And the space as blanket
Humbled of what’s coming
Forgetting what has passed?
Give me the flute and sing

And forget the illness and the medicine
For people are lines,
Written, but by water!

Who's poem is this?

Gibran Khalil Gibran (1883 - 1931) philosopher, Agnostic, Arab nationalist (also Pro-individualism) and humanitarian and he was one of the arab expatriate. he wrote "The Prophet" translated into over forty languages"

Complex he is, indeed

He's my favorite poet. Thanks for mentioning him

haha you're welcome.
Have you ever heard of Elia Abu Madi?

I do not know

l came ,l don't know from where or how l came to be l am, or why l came ?l don't know!
l saw a path in front of me l began to walk,l must keep on walking willingly or unwillingly ,whether l agree or not.
How did l came to be? How did l sighted my way? l can't perceive the matter ,l don't know!
Am l new or am l old in this existence ?
Am l free or am l a captive in confinement?
Do l lead myself or l am being lead ?
l wish l knew ,but l don't know,l don't know!
l must coincide , but why ? l don't know!
III - Is my journey a rough one? Is it a long one?
Is it a short unpredictable one?
Am l walking or time is doing the walking for me ?
l don't know,l don't know!
IV- l saw stars ,but l don't know why they are irradiate ?
l saw the clouds ,but l don't know why they are sending out the rain?
l saw the forest with the trees ,but l don't know why they bear fruit after they bloom?
Are they like me ?they don't know why they came to be?l don't know!
l remember nothing of my past life,l can't predict my coming years.
l know l have a self ,but l don't know what it is?
So when would myself knows itself ,l don't know!
VI- l see a struggle going on within me .
l see myself as the devil then as an angel.
Bad and good battling inside my mind.
Why they keep on fighting ? Why they can't get along ?
l don't know ,l don't know!
Where are my cries and my laughter ?
Where are my sadness and my joy?
Am l sane or am l insane ?
Did l loss every thing ,but how it happened?
l don't know l don't know!
Am l going to be send back after my death?
Old or young,am l going to know myself?
Or am l to be no more? l don't know ,l don't know!

The poem is very long with a lot of dialogue , but I can not find a full English version . I found this short version from here:

Thanks for letting me know about Elia Abu Madi I'm reading about him now.


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