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  As the endangered species known as the American "middle class" finds itself embroiled and enmeshed with other marginalized segments of our once-great society in a struggle to regain some much-needed economic stability, not to mention basic human dignity, certain factions both within and outside "the bubble" have chosen to refer to this growing movement with the term "Occupy".

  For the most part, those would be the people who bought into the notion that if one works REALLY hard and "plays by the rules" (mostly?), then one should have the reasonable expectation of a demonstrably less stressful life in their "declining years", as opposed to the Orwellian dystopia of mass unemployment, hunger and homelessness that looms ever-larger on our collective horizon.

  Admittedly the descriptive nature of this particular term is debatable, but thanks to some initial mass media coverage, it seems to have "stuck", for better or worse.

  My personally informed take on the "Occupy" movement is that it is in fact inherently secular humanist by it's very nature, and being such probably has a significant number of folks here at A.U. who have taken the cause to heart. (Or is it just me?)

  With that in mind, I'd like to offer a few musical suggestions which articulate the ideas and concepts that relate to such a noble endeavor as the at partial restoration (at least?) of the "American Dream" that was promised to ALL of us Americans in the not-so-distant past. 

  As a long-time veteran of that delightful business we call "show", I'll gladly begin the "playlist" with a couple of relevant selections over the next few weeks, and I strongly encourage any and all who are reading this intro to "chime in" (so to speak?) with their own musical ideas for this timely tribute to the "99%".

  Historically, speaking truth to power has ALWAYS been the "American way", has it not? Hopefully this will inspire at least some of us to step away from the computer for a little while and join in solidarity with ALL true Americans as they stand up and make their voices heard during this increasingly divisive election year.


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