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Comment by Tom Sarbeck on Tuesday
Computer animations are so good that distinguishing them from the real thing is all but impossible.
Comment by Tom Sarbeck on Tuesday
Do neutron stars collide, or even exist?

Do a search on neutron decay time and you will get about fifteen minutes.
Comment by Mrs.B on Tuesday

What a picture!!!

Comment by Stephen on Monday
When two neutron stars collided in another galaxy, the gravitational waves - which are incredibly fast ripples in space - and light from the merger and resulting explosion traveled together for over 130 million years at the speed of light to arrive at Earth. LIGO detectors and our Fermi space telescope received these signals with just a 1.7 second delay between them. Using other NASA tools, we continued to characterize the explosion debris over the days and weeks that followed. This is the first time these two cosmic messengers have been detected from the same event, opening a new window into the study of neutron stars, black holes, and other powerful astronomical events. Find out more:
Animated photo
Comment by Davy on Monday

More on the collision of two neutron stars from 

For the first time, scientists have witnessed the cataclysmic crash of two ultra-dense neutron stars in a galaxy far away, and concluded that such impacts forged at least half the gold in the Universe.

Shockwaves and light flashes from the collision travelled some 130 million light-years to be captured by Earthly detectors on August 17, excited teams revealed at press conferences held around the globe on Monday as a dozen related science papers were published in top academic journals.

"We witnessed history unfolding in front of our eyes: two neutron stars drawing closer, closer... turning faster and faster around each other, then colliding and scattering debris all over the place," co-discoverer Benoit Mours of France's CNRS research institute told AFP.

The groundbreaking observation solved a number of physics riddles and sent ripples of excitement through the scientific community.

Most jaw-dropping for many, the data finally revealed where much of the gold, platinum, uranium, mercury and other heavy elements in the Universe came from.

Neutron Star smash up seen for the first time.

Comment by Stephen on Monday

Einstein’s waves detected in star smash

Comment by Mrs.B on Saturday


Comment by Doone on Saturday

Thank you God for making the world spin!

Comment by Mrs.B on Saturday

How neat is that!

Comment by Doone on Saturday

Wow, Nice planet we live on.


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