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You read it correctly.

There is no evidence supporting the BB story. There are only the mental meanderings of people capable of authoring award-winning science fiction.

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I think there is more to it than the mental meanderings, there's plenty of what the lawyers would call circumstantial evidence. but you are right the big bang is just one of many theory's of the beginnings of the universe. But its a compelling one.  

Stephen, it's not compelling to people who require scientific evidence. Lawyers????

Many astronomers opposed it but for two reasons didn't challenge it.

1. They wanted to do astronomy, not battle the Genesis account.

2. Many states then banned teaching evolution in the schools.

When the Soviet Union in 1957 sent a man into orbit, the government realized that the same vehicle could take weapons into orbit.

The Cold War got warm and the spending ballooned. Bangers knew a lot about space and got the money.

To keep it coming they needed a story that would persuade politicians who feared the Soviet Union.

There is no evidence for inflation, black holes, strings, etc, etc, and etc.

The Bang story is a substitute for religion and a fraud.

Stephen, stop believing. Think.

..., there's plenty of what the lawyers would call circumstantial evidence.

Stephen, having nothing better to do for a few minutes...

Circumstantial evidence in Barron's Law Dictionary -- indirect evidence; secondary facts by which a principal fact may be rationally inferred.

Someday when you have nothing better to do for a few minutes, ...

There is plenty of evidence for the big bang. The cosmic microwave background radiation for a start.

John, don't just repeat the untested and untestable hypotheses the Bangers imagine and then claim is evidence. Do some research.
Perhaps start with: Did the entire universe once occupy a space smaller than a particle?
Radiation like the CMB can originate near bodies of water.


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