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Private security firms G4S and Serco have placed asylum seekers in sub-standard properties, according to a report by the National Audit Office.

My question is how does a country continue to take in asylum seekers and refugees and house them in a proper and Humane manner without sparking the anger of others who have been waiting years on the waiting list for a home to rent. We Liberals and people of the left have been demanding that the Government stop cutting the housing budget and start building new homes, Its ironic that the right are the ones who complain about asylum seekers taking homes from indigenous citizens and at the same time, when in Government cut back on the housing budget.

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A few cities here have called a halt for the refugees because of the housing shortages......uuuummm.....why wasn't that thought of before the big influx got under way. A Trudeau promise in his campaigning, which wasn't really thought out very well methinks.

Every city here in Canada had/has a homeless issue before all this so where do all the thousands of extras go? Jobs are hard to get, so they will end up being sent to the smaller, cheaper, cities & towns where the jobs are even more difficult to get. Our own kids had to move elsewhere because jobs here in our town are not the least bit plentiful.

Yes, its terrible to live in war torn countries, but we cannot rescue the world, & should not be expected to!


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