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The Scientific Method Protects Us From The Religious Method

Gould was wrong; the two magisteria - religion and science - do overlap.

Less in Europe and England after centuries of religious wars; more in America where the religious constantly stir up political war.

A religious method’s hypothesis, god did it, has a holy book’s support.

A scientific method’s hypothesis requires empirical support.

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The scientific method requires careful observation, formulating hypotheses and measurement-based testing of deductions drawn from the hypotheses, and based on the experimental findings the refinement or elimination of the hypotheses. (—paraphrased from Wikipedia)

I know which method i would opt for, especially when needing medical treatment.

Nice one Tom. Good to see you back.

STands up and applauds, (knocking my chair back as i stand)

yeah, tell em!!

A friend of mine said he would rather be from Austrailia with exiled criminals than the U.S. with the myth of Plymouth Rock and the Pilgrims.

The myth from the Protestants with the pilgrams was taught to me as a child in elementery school.

I don't know what's taugh in school today about that history - er Propiganda.

I wonder how many know the pilgrams were kicked out of England - went to the Nealtherland, which was one of the most open and free society at that time - only to get booted out of there because of their religious extreemism.

Unfortunately the Pilgram story was taught in schools here in the U.S. 

Relgigious extreemism appears to live on in the U.S. and probably with tent preaches and the likes.

I suppose religiouse crazy people are in every country.

At school were werent taught about  earlier settlements.

I read a ships log from a Dutch ships captian - He wrote that the local aboriginals were treating their children like people.  He found that strange.  If you look at the history you will see that Europe treated their childern like slaves.

Sing it, Chris!!  Yassssssssssssssss


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