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The Fall of the Evolution Theory or Why Being an Atheist is like dying on the Titanic

I saw this odd note about the end of both evolution and of YEC and ID


The Fall of the Evolution Theory

The Fall of the Evolution Theory

There has been an article that says “Herman Cummings Challenges the World”. If so, then consider this my ” Indigenous Galactic Network Challenge” (“Local Group” of galaxies). I hereby give advance notice to all living entities that the monopoly of the evolution theory in our culture is coming to an end. Be advised that the arrival of the second to last phase of the era of modern mankind is at hand. It is well past the time for all that (think they) believe the Bible, to accept the whole truth, whether it be of Creation, salvation, or final disposition.


In the Holy Bible, the book of 1st Kings chapter 18, starting with verse 21, Elijah asks the people this question:” How long halt ye between two opinions?”. There was a public challenge given to the “prophets” of the false god named Baal, to have a face-off at Mt. Carmel, to see which deity would respond to the animal sacrifice put on an altar. Each deity had their own designated altar, which they were to respond with fire from above, in front of the people. To make a long story short, the 450 prophets of Baal lost, and were killed.

In the arena of origins, you usually find (at the start) the atheists, creationists, education systems, scientists (evolution & Big Bang theories), and the world of Theology. The battle often gets too intense for Theology, and they quickly run for cover under the umbrella of “faith in Christ”, along with many of those of Creationism. The worlds of Creationism and Theology have had about 150 years to come up with an answer to the evolution theory, and have failed to do so. Therefore what they teach is false doctrine, because the truth of God’s Word conquers all, and never runs away. It is the adversary that flees.

Current creationism has three players. The “young Earth”, the “old Earth”, and Intelligent Design (“ID”). I invite you to first read my previous articles named “The Hypocrisy of Young Earth Creationism”, “The Infidelity of Old Earth Creationism”, and ” A Public Letter to the Discovery Institute”. Each of those three were asked to unite with me in the effort to correct the false conclusions of science concerning our origins and ancient history. None were willing to repent and learn the truth. Neither could they correctly answer my points of scripture (the “first day”, the Fourth Day, the “fifth day”, and the “sixth day”).

Both “young Earth” and “ID” have had their day in court, and have lost. The truth of God’s Word never loses. If they had the truth, the doctrine of Creation Science would not have suffered defeat in the case of “Edwards vs Aguillard, U.S. Supreme Court, 482 U.S. 578″. The Court ruled that Creation Science should not be required to be taught, whenever and where ever the evolution theory was taught. The Court did not say that Creationism could not be taught in public schools. It was Creation Science that lost the case (a slap in their face), not Creationism as a whole. Therefore it is legal for Creationism to be taught, but there isn’t anyone qualified in any school system to teach it. It would amount more to foolishness, than the actual facts of our origins.

In the “Kitzmiller vs. Dover Area School District” lawsuit, leading to the trial, I pleaded with the school board and their attorneys to: 1) drop the inept doctrine of “ID”, 2) allow me to train their teachers the correct way to teach Genesis to the students (“Observations of Moses”), and 3) let me be on the defense team to help them win the case. As did the Cobb County school board (“Pulling the Covers Off of Cobb County(GA)”), they ignored me, and they lost both the case and their jobs.

Creationism can hardly be taught in any school system, because currently no instructor understands the material, and unless it’s a high level theoretical theology class, creationism would not be applicable to any (secular) education system. Creationism is not the opposing view to evolution. If anything, it would be the opposing view to the Big Bang theory. There is no creation/evolution contest. If you hear or read of someone comparing the two against each other, ignore them, for they are speaking from ignorance, and do not know the facts. One particular fact is that there are no “creation accounts” in Genesis. So what study material would be used?

Finishing up on Creationism, it appears that “old Earth” Creationism has avoided embarrassment in court. But they defame the Word of God, in an effort to compromise with scientific reality. I again ask that all people stop sending your support to all creationist groups. They don’t understand the Genesis text, and they refuse to learn what the truth is. I question whether or not their goal is to advance the truth of Genesis, or just to advance their own enterprises.

Let’s not allow the world of Theology, and the Clergy in general, to escape. Theology has never understood the first two chapters of Genesis. It is so sad that pastors, priests, and rabbis have misrepresented the text of Genesis. I detest the gentile clergy that just “throws up their hands and capitulates”, saying that the Bible is (just) a book of redemption, and not a book of science. How so? The Superior Alien Intelligence that conveyed the Bible to about 40 people of Israel, over a span 1600 years, created science and the laws of our existence. That alone makes the Bible different and superior to any other written document on Earth.

I am ashamed of the Jewish rabbinical regime, that has forsaken the truth of Bereshit (Genesis), and succumbed to the infidelity of calling the scriptures “allegorical”, or being borrowed from other ancient Mesopotamian cultures. They are shamefully ignorant of the writings of Moses. In 1598 BC, at Mt. Sinai, the Super Alien Intelligence that created this universe revealed Himself to Israel, as a husband reveals himself to his new bride. Israel was to convey the One true Deity to the rest of the world. But they fell short of doing so.

Even now, the Sanhedrin in modern day Israel, fails to embrace the truth of scripture. They have chosen to “protect” the false teachings of rabbinical patriarchs, that never understood the writings of Moses, conveying their ignorance in their Torah and Talmud commentaries. The Sanhedrin was stunned that literal interpretation could be used, and STILL be reconciled with the discoveries of science. They were confounded, and wanted time to “study the concept”. Did they repent from their former position? No!!

The Sanhedrin viewed the “Observations of Moses” over a year ago. But just like the gentile Clergy, Genesis is “out of their comfort zone”, and they’d rather spend their time preparing for rituals and sacrifices for the coming new Temple. But if the evolution theory is true, then the whole Jewish heritage is a lie, and they don’t have a valid claim to the Holy Land.

Public education systems are supposed to be neutral, and should not teach the facets of any religion, using public funds. But atheists control our public schools. Most of academia are atheists, and whenever the monopoly of evolution encounters even a small hint of a challenge, the atheists come out of the woodwork to strong arm the system “back into purity”, using the ACLU as their “hired gun”.

Well, that too is coming to an end. First, there are only two major views of prehistoric history, It is the secular scientific view, and the correct biblical view. Forget the others. The atheists want to use them to confuse the issue at hand. Second, the only way for the public school system to remain neutral is for the same teachers that teach the evolution theory, to also teach the correct biblical view, which is the “Observations of Moses”. Evolution is mainly derived from the observations of Charles Darwin, so present both observations (views) with equal enthusiasm.

Is that a repeat of the ” Edwards vs Aguillard” argument? No, it is not. The actual issue in that case was that the apparent progression of prehistoric life forms on Earth, through 700 million years of history, was the topic in science classes. Scientific (young Earth) Creationism did not address that issue, but rather denied that there even was a 700 million year fossil and geologic history of record. They foolishly teach that the Earth and universe are only 10,000 years old, and that mankind began with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (7200 BC). The Louisiana “Creationism Act”, as it came to be known, allowed an inequity, which the high court correctly resolved.

The Atheists say that they don’t want “religion” taught in public schools. But don’t believe that falsehood. They want to maintain the monopoly of evolution in schools, which fosters recruits for the religion of Atheism. Again, Atheism is a religion of denial. Not only does it deny the existence of a Creator (Lord God of Israel), but also denies the existence of Satan, demons, angels, Heaven, Hell, and the whole supernatural realm. It teaches that mankind has no “soul”, and is no different than the animals, only that we humans have developed more intelligence. So you see, the doctrine of evolution falls right in line with the teachings of Atheism.

Even the Supreme Court has concluded that Atheism is a religion. In the case of “Torcaso vs Watkins, 347 U.S. 488 (1961)”, the Court said “We repeat and again reaffirm, that neither a State nor the Federal Government can constitutionally force a person to profess a belief or disbelief in any religion. Neither can they constitutionally pass laws or impose requirements which aid all religions as against non-believers, and neither can aid those religions based on a belief in the existence of God, as against those religions founded on different beliefs”.

Atheism is a religion (of denial) that has its own doctrines, publications, and websites., which are used to convert and draw others into their belief system. Membership dues and donations to the entity called “American Atheists” are tax deductible. They proudly proclaim their agenda in what’s called their “Statement of Aims and Purposes”. Just like other religious organizations, they have their conferences and conventions.

How much influence does the idealism of Atheism have in our public school systems? How much does it have in our courts of law, our executive and legislative branches, at all levels of government? After many years of allowing only the evolution theory to be taught, those students are now in positions of power, making ungodly decisions for our country.

The term “science” can be defined as an act, method, or result of obtaining correct (or most reliable) knowledge about anything or everything in our natural realm. It includes decryptions of what happened in the prehistoric past, what is happening now, and explanations of why it happens or has come into being. The influence of Atheism forces modern science to only look for natural causes for any phenomena. If none can be found, then a fictional cause is invented or theorized, in order to deny any supernatural involvement.

So, what happened to the “quest for true knowledge”? Denying a scenario, just because it doesn’t agree with your ideology doesn’t address the issue, nor changes the facts of history. Just ask secular science how Earth obtained the Moon. Their “impact theory” is even more ridiculous than the evolution theory. It’s a classic example of denial. They conveniently avoid explaining how the planet Jupiter obtained it’s moons, and how several of them can remain in orbit so close to Jupiter, without being overcome by the planet’s massive pull of gravity.

If mankind has enough intelligence to land on the Moon, and return safely, then he ought to have enough intelligence to learn, and pass on to our children, the truth of our origins without bias. Atheism zealously embraces the evolution theory because evolution denies the existence of God, and would show the Bible to be man made (pagan) literature. There are even some infidels that call themselves “church goers” that capitulate and say that God “used evolution”. In the concept of denial, if there is no Creator, then there is no final judgment. It is the atheist’s agenda to keep the knowledge of God (the Creator) away from others, forcing their ideology (religion) upon our education system.

The evolution theory is the blinded, biased view of the history of life (death) on Earth during the latter part of its history. Evolutionists, such as the National Center for Science Education (NCSE), don’t want to entertain any other explanation. There was an article written named “An Open Letter to the National Center for Science Education”. In it, I challenged them on points of the evolution theory, and to be more mindful of teaching students the truth, and not to exist just to keep evolution as an unopposed dogma. They did not accept my challenge. So far, all of my opposition has been rather quiet. Why?

It is despicable that “so called” intelligent people would believe, pass on, and support such foolish conclusions as the “Big Bang” and evolution theories. It shows how susceptible people can be to the religion of denial (Atheism). Common sense should dictate that as precise as our existence is, that it could never have just “appeared” by random chance, even if its origins could never be explained, and we had no extra celestial document to enlighten us. There has never been any “proof” for evolution, or the Big Bang theory. It’s only been biased blind conclusions, tainted with belligerent denial.

Finally, we come to the ACLU. I welcome the opportunity to oppose them in open court. If academia and the Clergy continue to hide the truth of Genesis from the people, it would be a pleasure to reveal it in a court of law, dealing them a final and lasting crushing setback. With the fear of a lawsuit removed, school districts can then begin to give our children a balanced education, which presents both the secular science view (which will lose most all of its credibility), and the Genesis view (which correctly explains the history of our universe).

So here it is, the Notice of Termination for the reign of the evolution theory. Bring on the fossil and geologic evidence of ancient Earth. I will bring the “Observations of Moses”, which conveys the correct literal interpretation of Genesis, and reveals the truth about that same evidence, proving the authenticity of God’s Word.

I loved the 1997 movie “The Titanic”. But every time I see it, I am brought to tears, seeing how the foolishness of one man brought suffering and a horrible death to hundreds of men, women, and even little children. Have you ever held large pieces of ice in your hands? It gets mighty uncomfortable in seconds. Imagine your whole body being thrown into ice water, with no protection, in the sub-freezing dead of night, and no rescue. That is the foolishness of Atheism, being forced upon the rest of us. If they want to believe such foolishness, be my guest. But for the love of humanity, I’d rather learn, and abide by, and pass on the truth.

- Article Contributed By: Herman Cummings

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Hang on... what?


Supreme Alien Intelligence? Seriously?


And just what are the "Observations of Moses"? My Google search provides nothing but articles written by this Herman Cummings moron or groupies of his...

What a self-righteous, verbose, dimwit.
God sank that haughty Titanic. Don't forget that, Herman!
If this is the Titanic sinking we have a very very long time until we need to life boats. We might hit shore before then. LAND HOE!
It always cracks me up when these dimwits conflate truth with their superstition and hopelessly try to deny the fact that evolution is the truth.


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