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The Denisova genome

Remember the 40,000 year-old Denisova finger bone that yielded sufficient DNA to speculate that this ancient human, like Neanderthals, inte…

Started by Adriana

7 Apr 23, 2017
Reply by Tom Sarbeck

Scientists Discover How to Identify People From ‘Anonymous’ Genomes

Here's an interesting development! Privacy concerns over the genetic information about yourself you might have contributed in the context o…

Started by Michel

6 Jan 18, 2013
Reply by Adriana

The ENCODE project: no more "junk" DNA

The Human Genome Project, completed a decade ago, was only the beginning or trying to understand our genome: we still have to understand wh…

Started by Adriana

12 Sep 13, 2012
Reply by Adriana

Genomes of modern African hunter-gatherers suggest a previously unknown human ancestor

A new article in the prestigious journal Cell describes the complete genomic sequence of 5 members of three African hunter gatherer populat…

Started by Adriana

5 Jul 27, 2012
Reply by Adriana

Rare genetic variants plague our genomes

Two back-to-back very extensive genomic studies just published in Science show that the human genome is full of rare variants, found in ~0.…

Started by Adriana

0 May 18, 2012

There is a little bit of gorilla in our DNA

I'm sure you're saying, "well, of course there is a little bit of gorilla in our DNA, we are related!" In fact, we are, and perhaps more cl…

Started by Adriana

6 Mar 14, 2012
Reply by Adriana

Genetic adaptation in early African-Americans?

A Shanghai team of genome scientists has published a paper claiming that there are signs of genetic change in the genomes of African Americ…

Started by Adriana

0 Jan 2, 2012

How many genomes does each of us have?

Although the short answer to that may be "one", the longer, more complicated answer is: "we have a main genome but we also have multiple ot…

Started by Adriana

5 Dec 1, 2011
Reply by Adriana

Breeding with Neanderthals helped humans go global

Sexy Archaeology   When the first modern humans left Africa they were ill-equipped to cope with unfamiliar diseases. But by interbreeding…

Started by Sydni Moser

4 Sep 12, 2011
Reply by Doone

The microbes in our belly buttons

Carl Zimmer has a great blog article on the wonderland of microbes living in his belly button. His belly button got swabbed, and the DNA of…

Started by Adriana

9 Jul 7, 2011
Reply by Adriana


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