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The Denisova genome

Remember the 40,000 year-old Denisova finger bone that yielded sufficient DNA to speculate that this ancient human, like Neanderthals, inte…

Started by Adriana

7 Apr 23
Reply by Tom Sarbeck

Fish fins and mouse feet controlled by the same ancient genetic switch

Great post by Ed Yong on homeobox genes, i.e. those genes that regulate body patterns. Unsurprisingly, but still very, very cool to have ex…

Started by Adriana

6 Jan 5, 2013
Reply by Adriana

Genes evolve new functions and animals evolve new abilities

I absolutely love this story because it is a perfect illustration of how animals acquire new abilities when genes are tweaked by evolution…

Started by Adriana

0 Aug 28, 2012

Was there interbreeding between H. sapiens and Neanderthals?

First it was assumed that no interbreeding had occurred between us and Neanderthals, based on mitochondrial DNA. Then came the genomic sequ…

Started by Adriana

12 Aug 19, 2012
Reply by Susan Stanko

Genomes of modern African hunter-gatherers suggest a previously unknown human ancestor

A new article in the prestigious journal Cell describes the complete genomic sequence of 5 members of three African hunter gatherer populat…

Started by Adriana

5 Jul 27, 2012
Reply by Adriana

The gene duplication that changed our brains

Extra copies of a gene involved in brain development and making neuronal connections, called SRGAP2, may have allowed our evolving brains t…

Started by Adriana

5 May 7, 2012
Reply by Adriana

Massive Super Organism with Social Intelligence is Devouring the Titanic

I love to learn about our ancestors. As an evolved bacterian myself I can't help but be impressed by our cousin's strategic efficiency. Thi…

Started by Michel

0 Apr 8, 2012

Newfound fossil foot bones identify new tree-dwelling prehuman species

Eight newly-found fossil foot bones suggest that our ancestor Lucy (Australopithecus afarensis) had company 3.4 million years in Ethiopia.…

Started by Adriana

4 Mar 29, 2012
Reply by Michel

There is a little bit of gorilla in our DNA

I'm sure you're saying, "well, of course there is a little bit of gorilla in our DNA, we are related!" In fact, we are, and perhaps more cl…

Started by Adriana

6 Mar 14, 2012
Reply by Adriana

Welcome to Evolution: This View of Life

Just in time for Darwin Day last Sunday, a new and exciting online magazine has been launched, edited by David Sloan Wilson, called Welcome…

Started by Adriana

1 Feb 15, 2012
Reply by Adriana


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