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The Denisova genome

Remember the 40,000 year-old Denisova finger bone that yielded sufficient DNA to speculate that this ancient human, like Neanderthals, inte…

Started by Adriana

7 Apr 23, 2017
Reply by Tom Sarbeck

Ancient DNA Found Hidden Below Sea Floor

The deep sea floor (5,000 meters below the surface) is the world's repository of most ancient DNA so far. DNA has just been found of 32,000…

Started by Adriana

0 May 11, 2013

Science in the kitchen: extracting banana DNA

This is a little project which is great for people with kids, and also for curious adults who want to see what DNA looks like, with the nak…

Started by Adriana

6 Sep 29, 2012
Reply by Chris

Genome Sequencing Clears Up a Cancer Medical Mystery

I hope you guys don't think this is shameless self-promotion: I'm an author on the paper who just made it into the science news at ScienceN…

Started by Adriana

10 Aug 28, 2012
Reply by Apostate Mohamed

Was there interbreeding between H. sapiens and Neanderthals?

First it was assumed that no interbreeding had occurred between us and Neanderthals, based on mitochondrial DNA. Then came the genomic sequ…

Started by Adriana

12 Aug 19, 2012
Reply by Susan Stanko

Genomes of modern African hunter-gatherers suggest a previously unknown human ancestor

A new article in the prestigious journal Cell describes the complete genomic sequence of 5 members of three African hunter gatherer populat…

Started by Adriana

5 Jul 27, 2012
Reply by Adriana

Rare genetic variants plague our genomes

Two back-to-back very extensive genomic studies just published in Science show that the human genome is full of rare variants, found in ~0.…

Started by Adriana

0 May 18, 2012

Ten Things You Probably Didn’t Know About DNA

Of course this doesn't apply to our own Prof. A. (she prolly knows about them things =) and we can count on her to debunk any pop-sci myth…

Started by Michel

1 May 4, 2012
Reply by Doone

Scientists develop biological computer to encrypt and decipher images

As proof of concept, institutes' logos are encrypted on DNA chips and deciphered by a biological computer  IMAGE: Scientists ha…

Started by Michel

0 Feb 7, 2012

All the pretty spotted horses

There is a cave painting, 25,000 years old, in which beautiful spotted horses are depicted, in the Pech Merle site in Southern France. It w…

Started by Adriana

4 Nov 10, 2011
Reply by Adriana


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