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Radio Host wants to “shoot Hillary Clinton in the vagina” and says, “I want her to feel the pain”

Started by Neal. Last reply by Tom Sarbeck Oct 10, 2016. 6 Replies

Amazingly the hate only continues. There must be an audience for it, otherwise these types of cretins wouldn't make the news. May 17, 2013 By Anomaly…Continue

Tags: hillary, in, the, vagina, shoot

Fascism And Populism In Europe

Started by Ali. Last reply by Chris Jan 2, 2014. 34 Replies

the norwegian right-wing anders breivik Since…Continue

Rush Limbaugh Touts 13-Year-Old Who ‘Proved’ Global Warming Is A Hoax

Started by Neal. Last reply by Neal Apr 8, 2013. 2 Replies

Excellent, children and sheepherders from the past are always the ones to turn to for real science.By Rebecca Leber on Apr 5, 2013 at 10:59 amOn his radio show this week,…Continue

Tags: wisdom, rush, limbaugh, needs, the

The Most Widely Believed Conspiracy Theory in America Revealed in New Poll

Started by Michel. Last reply by Neal Apr 3, 2013. 4 Replies

BIRTHERS!New poll indicates 64% of Republicans are BirthersJanuary 17, 2013  | …Continue

Tags: certificate, Joe Arpaio, birth, Obama, conspiracy

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Comment by Chris on March 10, 2017 at 6:19pm

Linguistically 'strictly' speaking an atheists doesn't believe in a god, or gods.  Using that definiton believers in Scientology, Budhism, Astrology, lucky charms, and other superstitious beliefs aren't atheists.

Is there a better word for people who don't believe in Woo or pseudoscience?

Comment by Tom Sarbeck on March 8, 2017 at 3:15am
Should atheists view all religion and superstitious beliefs with equal vulgarity?
YES, except they may view their own superstitious beliefs with less vulgarity.

...claim to be atheists while....
Do you define the word "atheist" to include this other stuff?
Comment by Chris on March 8, 2017 at 1:49am

As Chris Hedges says President "W" Bush and President Obama gave President Trump all the levers needed...

Abby Martin and Chris Hedges had an interesting exchange.

Should atheist view all religion and superstitious beliefs with equal vulgarity?

What the hell is a "New Atheist?"

Some people I've communicated with recently claim to be atheists while holding onto religious political  values  idology of good vs. evil where evil is the devil reincarnated

Some apparently  think they are atheist because they don't attend or belong to a church while still holding onto Woo.

Comment by Stephen on March 8, 2017 at 12:06am

"Chris Hedges discusses the increasing danger of Christian fascism in the USA. Hedges is a former war correspondent as well as a Christian with a compassionate and progressive viewpoint. He makes a good case for Christian fascism being much more dangerous than the 'alt-Right'. They even have their own organized and highly trained 'brown shirts' in Eric Prince's Blackwater. Prince is brother to newly appointed Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who clearly wants to channel public money to Christian schools. "

Comment by Chris on February 26, 2017 at 1:15am

Why the Christian Right Is Rejoicing Under Trump's Presidency

Between Betsy DeVos and Jeff Sessions, the Trump presidency is a paradise for the Christian Right.
Comment by Chris on February 4, 2017 at 11:50am

February 2, 2017 6:45 PM EST - The Post’s Matea Gold explores what a film proposal that Stephen K. Bannon worked on in 2007 says about the man who is now President Trump’s chief strategist. (Bastien Inzaurralde / The Washington Post)

Bannon film outline warned U.S. could turn into ‘Islamic States of America’

Bannon film outline warned U.S. could turn into ‘Islamic States of ...

The flag fluttering above the U.S. Capitol is emblazoned with a crescent and star. Chants of “Allahu Akbar” rise from inside the building.

That’s the provocative opening scene of a documentary-style movie outlined 10 years ago by Stephen K. Bannon that envisioned radical Muslims taking over the country and remaking it into the “Islamic States of America,” according to a document describing the project obtained by The Washington Post.

The outline shows how Bannon — years before he became a strategist for President Trump and helped draft last week’s order restricting travel from seven mostly Muslim countries — sought to issue a warning about the threat posed by radical Muslims and their “enablers among us.” Although driven by the “best intentions,” the outline says, institutions such as the media, the Jewish community and government agencies were appeasing jihadists aiming to create an Islamic republic.

The eight-page draft, written in 2007 during Bannon’s stint as a Hollywood filmmaker, proposes a three-part movie that would trace “the culture of intolerance” behind sharia law, examine the “Fifth Column” made up of “Islamic front groups” and identify the American enablers paving “the road to this unique hell on earth.”

More Here

Comment by Chris on January 31, 2017 at 10:25pm

Sorry for cross posting this from U.S. and World news. I really belongs here.

Mike Pence Will Be the Most Powerful Christian Supremacist in U.S. ...

"The election of Donald Trump has sent shockwaves through the souls of compassionate, humane people across the country and the world. Horror that a candidate who ran on a platform of open bigotry, threats against immigrants and Muslims, and blatant misogyny will soon be president is now sinking in. Trump appointed a white nationalist, Steve Bannon, as chief White House strategist — which was promptly celebrated by the American Nazi Party and the Ku Klux Klan. Bannon and other possible extremist Trump appointees, such as John Bolton, a neocon who believes the U.S. should “bomb Iran,” and the authoritarian Rudy Giuliani, are now receiving much deserved public scrutiny.

The incoming vice president, Mike Pence, has not elicited the same reaction, instead often painted as the reasonable adult on the ticket, a “counterbalance” to Trump and a “bridge to the establishment.” However, there is every reason to regard him as, if anything, even more terrifying than the president-elect.

Pence’s ascent to the second most powerful position in the U.S. government is a tremendous coup for the radical religious right. Pence — and his fellow Christian supremacist militants — would not have been able to win the White House on their own. For them, Donald Trump was a godsend. “This may not be our preferred candidate, but that doesn’t mean it may not be God’s candidate to do something that we don’t see,” said David Barton, a prominent Christian-right activist and president of Wall Builders, an organization dedicated to making the U.S. government enforce “biblical values.” In June, Barton prophesied: “We may look back in a few years and say, ‘Wow, [Trump] really did some things that none of us expected.’”

Trump is a Trojan horse for a cabal of vicious zealots who have long craved an extremist Christian theocracy, and Pence is one of its most prized warriors. With Republican control of the House and Senate and the prospect of dramatically and decisively tilting the balance of the Supreme Court to the far right, the incoming administration will have a real shot at bringing the fire and brimstone of the second coming to Washington..."

More Here

Comment by Chris on January 27, 2017 at 1:58am

Free booklet (22 page introduction into the alt-right) from the Political Research Associates.

Trump supporters?

Challenging the Right, Advancing Social Justice.


This report is excerpted from Mathew N. Lyons's forthcoming book, Insurtent Supremicist: The U.S. Far Right's Challenge to State and Empire, to be published by PM Press and Kersplebedeb Publishing. This report is also featured in Ctrl-Alat-Eelete: An Antifacist Report on the Alternative Right, wich is now available for pre-order.

Comment by Stephen on August 11, 2016 at 9:23am

Judge tells man 'you're a bit of a c*** yourself' as she jails him for vile racist insults

Vile John Hennigan also banged on the glass panel of the dock, performed a Nazi salute and twice shouted "Sieg Heil" before starting to sing "Jews gas them all"

A judge stunned a courtroom by using the C-word as she jailed a racist thug.

Vile John Hennigan, 50, was being sentenced by Judge Patricia Lynch QC when he told her she was "a bit of a c***"

But, taking no prisoners, the judge immediately retorted: "You are a bit of a c*** yourself. Being offensive to me doesn't help."

Hennigan shouted back: "Go f*** yourself."

"You too," replied the judge.


you've got to read more. What a twat this man is.=

Comment by Chris on July 25, 2016 at 10:49pm

I, unfortunately worked with some of the kooks described below.

Patriot Movement Paramilitaries in Oregon

Patriot Movement Paramilitaries in Oregon
Spencer Sunshine, PhD, Associate Fellow at Political Research Associates

This is an expanded version of a talk given at the Rural Organizing Project’s Rural Caucus and Strategy Session in Woodburn, Oregon on June 13, 2015.

The Patriot Movement: From Posse Comitatus to the Oath Keepers
In April 2015, armed right-wing paramilitaries converged on a mining claim in the Galice Mining District near Grants Pass in Josephine County, Oregon. Organizationally, it was a combination of different parts of what is called the Patriot movement: militias, 3%ers, Sovereign Citizens, and the Oath Keepers.

The Patriot movement is a form of extreme right politics that exists between the Tea Party end of the Republican Party and the white supremacist movement.* Generally those in the Patriot movement view the current U.S. federal government as an illegitimate, totalitarian state. They see the militias that they are building—and allied county sheriffs—as political-military formations that will eventually replace much of the current federal government.

Many of their movement’s tactics originate in white supremacist politics, mixed with ideas derived from anti-Communist conspiracy theories of the John Birch Society. According to Daniel Levitas, the group that first espoused many of the basic Patriot concepts was Posse Comitatus, whose founder, William Potter Gale, was a member of the racist Christian Identity religion. In the 1960s, he started to advocate Posse Comitatus (power of the county), based on the idea that the county sheriff is the highest elected law enforcement officer. Gale thought that, in the post-Civil Rights era, the federal government was a totalitarian state run by a cabal of Jews. “County power” would allow people to ignore Supreme Court decisions and federal laws about civil rights and income tax, and allow a return to white supremacy and unfettered capitalism, free from federal regulations. Posse Comitatus also advocated for armed citizens’ militias and crank legal filings, which set the foundation for the formation of militias and Sovereign Citizen ideas, respectively. In 1976, the FBI estimated there were 12,000­–50,000 Posse members...

More Here


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