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Will An American Conservative Party NOT Serving the Metaphorical One Percent Succeed?

I’m a pragmatist. Until I retired I was a semi-professional migratory worker, living in five cities in three states. When one party regularly won in the November elections, I registered with that party so I could vote in its primaries. That is why, in 1974 in Phoenix Arizona, I ran in the GOP primary election for the state legislature.

Though the District chair told me I was “in the wrong party” I won six times as many votes as other first-time candidates and was leading the incumbent until his strong precincts reported. He was the House Speaker and reported spending ten times what I spent, and won only twice as many votes.

All that aside, the Republican Party has from Andrew Johnson’s presidency (1865-1869) served the 1%, but for a brief populist period in the early 1900s.

For details, check Heather Cox Richardson’s To Make Men Free, a history of the Party from its founding before the Civil War.

Will a conservative party not beholden to wealth succeed in America?’

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For ten years I was an unregistered voter. When people asked me which party I identified with I'd say I'm in the Libertarian zone. However when the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) was put into effect I took more interest in politics. I decided to register Republican after seeing college students shout down conservative speakers on college campuses and observing the impact of mass migration in Europe. I have actually been living in Sweden for almost three years now, so I'm seeing what's happening on "the other side of the pond."

Anywho, GOP candidates seem to be the only ones drawing attention to the issues I am concerned about, so I have put effort into supporting them. The US atheist community has not been welcoming to my views and have shunned me, which led me to launch Republican Atheists.

All parties have corruption to some degree, this is true even for political parties in Sweden. But I have never supported the platform of the Democrat party, or any other left leaning party for that matter.

Lauren, you and I might want what is not yet possible.

I want employees to own and manage the companies they work for, which is to say I want more people to be capitalists.

As owners, they share profits and losses. As managers, they borrow the money they need and hire those with the expertise they need. There will be fewer sociopaths in positions of power so there will be less government regulation. There will be internal conflict but no labor vs. management battles.

As of 2007 there were about 11,000 such companies in the USA, some of them large.

Because religions need people to be unhappy, there will be fewer religious people.

What say you?

Personally I would like the education system to be completely revamped. College students shouting down conservative speakers has exposed the education system's mission.

Lauren, will an American conservative party not serving the metaphorical one percent survive?

I don't know. It's beyond me. But I will support a party that challenges people from shouting down speakers they do not agree with.

Lauren, if you will support a party whose members don't mainly shout down speakers they disagree with, you can support either major party.

This is the shutting down I am talking about - conservative speakers being shut down at college campuses. It has been happening for a few years. Heather Mac Donald, an atheist conservative author, was shut down at a university in Southern California.


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