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Study finds the more non-religious can be more closed-minded than the religious

From personal experience I cannot argue with the results. Would be nice to access the actual study.


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Clarification, please.

Are the more non-religious people those who most recently quit religion?

If so, it's reasonable to conclude that the most vigorous disputes are those between:

1) those who changed a belief yesterday, and

2) those who will change the same belief tomorrow.

It all depends on what you mean by closed minded. I for one am closed minded about unreason and illogical ideas

I was a very closed-minded atheist for a few years until I learned the last person I ever thought could believe in god noted he was a believer. That threw me in for a loop.

If Aaron Swartz was sucessfull with his activism publically funded University studies such as the one you attempted to link to would be available to the public without private publishers coining in to gain profit. Studies at Universities are funded by tax dollars. and prior to congressional interference were published by the University press' and were available to the public at cost for print copies and free over the internet. Congress passed legislation to provide private publishers rights to sell research information tax payers already paid for at a profit. Unfortunately for people interested in studies it often cost $30-$60 per study even through local libraries.

Corruption at it's worse.


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