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Republican Atheists President Lauren Ell is interviewed by United Coalition of Reason

Republican Atheists President Lauren Ell spoke with United Coalition of Reason about conservatism in the Atheist realm. She gives insight into her background and touches on topics about speech on campuses, health care, mass migration and more.

Read interview at this link..

United Coalition of Reason is a national organization based in the United States that works to raise the visibility of local groups in the community of reason.

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Free Market economics?

Should corporations pay for externality problems such as air and water pollution?

Should government regulate health and human services?

Should a company that destroyed the environment be made to pay the cost of cleanup such as superfund sites?

Do the mining resources in federal land belong to the citizens of the country?

What do you think about corporate welfare?

Should companies be able to put lead poisoining in water to save a buck?

Chemical pollution such as lead results in lower IQ and higher crime rates.

Is the Republican Party about profit over human interest?

Is everything for sale and where does the government fit into regulating safety?

Are you a Republican because your parent's were Republicans?

In reading it sounds like you were indoctrinated into christianity more than you realize.

I'm curious about "An Act Concerning the Form of Oaths." from

Don't worry about Glossoilia, or speaking in tongues. Learn different "Real" languages that people understand - rather than religious blabber.


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