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Impressive Conservative Atheist Women that US atheist organizations continue to ignore

There are a number of atheist conservative women who have serious clout, but most atheists are unaware of them. Read here.

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali isn't a conservative. Her whole life has been a battle against orthodoxy. Ever since Ayaan appeared on some Prager U videos the right have wanted to claim her as one of their own. She has had to turn to these people because of the stupidity of some of my brothers and sisters on the left. 

She was MP for the liberal People's Party for Democracy between 2003 and 2006.

I gave thought about including Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and decided to include her because she has been a strong voice opposing Islam, which in today's age is a more "conservative" trait. Linda Sarsour, the primary organizer of Women's March, lashed out at Ayaan Hirsi Ali, which shows conflict the liberal community has with Ali's views. Ultimately Ali has been more accepted in the conservative realm. Not to mention she had to cancel her Australian tour due to threats from opposition, and we can acknowledge that those threats likely did not come from conservatives.

Yes, Hirsi Ali is on my wall of heros, and I would not consider her a "conservative".  But you did leave off S.E. Cupp, who has been on tv as a political guest since she was not much more than a teen, and now who has her own tv show,--------- so she is not "being ignored". 

Although, at first, i was like "Great! An atheist on tv, yesss"
but then i listened and i was like "wha??" because in her first few years i did find her annoying as her points were Not well thought out, and i suppressed the urge to yell at the tv set...
but, i haven't listened to her much ever since, but, she seems to have grown and evolved a bit possibly, to now present a more cohesive reasoning than when she was really really young (but, that is probably true of all of us, i'd think...)

At the risk of making a mistake by generalizing, most atheists do tend to lean left, but most of us are aware there does exist a handful of conservative atheists.  
Me, i raise my hand and plead guilty, 

that given the choice, -------------between being stuck in elevator with a religous person

or a conservative person? I'd choose the religious person...and i am an atheist.

I just don't do well with conservatives for any great length of time, but, i'm working on that ...for about half a century now....

actually, i can do well with conservatives, so long as we stick to very superficial topics only and stay far away from anything even slightly political, as i do find many to most of their viewpoints offensive and annoying.  I would like to point out that is how "many to most" conservatives strike me, not "all". 
Yet, my own family are all conservative, and i adore many to most of them.  My parents were awesome, and both were super conservative.  So, lovable conservatives DO exist, but, ya can't talk politics with 'em!!  at least, i can't.  I hear, we are supposed to, but, i can't do it anymore.  i have thrown in the towel.  

but, that is just me, and like i said, i am aware of this flaw in myself and thus i do walk carefully around the landmines, and i just change the subject and/or move away physically with some ruse to be elsewhere once their thoughts come tumbling out of their mouths.

but i purposefully do stay away from rightwingers, as much as possible,

as i can not turn on the light for them, i have given up long long ago........, and they can not change my mind, either.  Is a massive waste of time and breath, always ends up being an hour i will never get back. 

i am pretty well informed of their ideas.  I am.   I know alllllllllll of their talking points very well, and find the ideas cold, callous, annoying, selfish, cold, ethnocentric, fear-based, sometimes irrational, frightening, even dangerous.  that is just off the top of my head......

the Person can be charming, but their worldview can be ghastly (to Me.)  and i realize, many conservatives would find MY ideas equally off-putting, to say the least.  

so i do not engage on any type of deep level with conservatives, be they religious or atheist.   that is just me, though.  
but, yeah, there is S.E. Cupp to add to your list.  but Hirsi does not belong.  

Right, SE Cupp can be included on the list. She is also ignored by atheist organizations.

I do consider Ayaan Hirsi Ali to be in the conservative league not only for her opposition to Islam but also opposition to many current "liberal" movements. The current outspoken "liberal" community has harmed her reputation and security. She has been opposed by Linda Sarsour, leader of Women's March. There is a saying that "conservatism is the new liberalism."

Anti-semitism is more predominant in the current "liberal" community which can be seen in a huge network when one takes the time to research. There is Linda Sarsour, head chair of Women's March. Sarsour and other Women's March leaders have praised Louis Farrakhan, one of the most notorious anti-semites in the United States, who happens to be banned from the UK for making extreme hateful statements. Farrakhan was a financial contributor to Obama's campaign before he became governor of Illinois in 1997, and a photo was recently released of Obama and Farrakhan smiling together in 2005. Farrakhan also has affiliation with Keith Ellison who serves as deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee, as well as crazy Maxine Waters, voice of "the resistance." Not to mention the extensive network of pro-Palestine groups throughout the United States that have joined efforts with groups like Black Lives Matter. Would be nice if these details were more discussed among the public.

Anyone with an ounce of decency would support a free Palestine that doesn't mean I'm anti Israel. I would just like to see justice for the Palestinian dispossessed. That doesn't make me a Hamas supporter. 

I never said you are anti-Israel.

How does being in opposition to Islam make one a "conservative"??  Islam is so conservative it doesn't even register on the scale!!  I too, am opposed to Islam (and all other organized religions) yet, i think that is a sign of a liberal, NOT a conservative.

follow up:  how do you feel that the atheist community is "ignoring" S.E. Cupp?  I am well aware that sexism exists, oh am i! but, what do you want to see done?

Linda Sarsour is a muslim, so it is not surprising that she would oppose the work of Hirsi.  (if she does, i'm just taking your word on that at this point).  
Wait------ wait, maybe do you view Islam as "liberal"? and thus, if someone is opposed to Islam,

then you view that person as "conservative"?  I don't know, there is something i am not understanding 

when i hear you say

Hirsi is 'conservative' since she opposes Islam.   that is the opposite conclusion that i would draw.

What factual evidence do you have to baptize Maxine Waters as "crazy"? She is opinionated, she is loud, she is brassy, i agree, she may speak in a way foreign to your cultural frame of reference, and she takes no prisoners, and no crapola,

but, "crazy"?

HOw come conservatives love cowboy hats unless a black lady wears one?  lol.

how does Louis Farrakhan get into this discussion of whether or not HIrsi is actually a liberal?  (she is)  And are you trying to put forth, that if there is a photo of 2 people in one photograph, then THAT means........... what? What does that mean ?  What is the significance if President Obama and some one are in one picture at same time?

follow up, are you aware, that anyone can contribute to anyone's campaign?  

I contribute cash to Black Lives Matter, and have their poster on my fridge,  (i'll post photo of that later)

and totally support that groups' cause, with a passion,

but what does That have to do with our current topic?
I am confused by your wandering off on tangents of unrelated items just all thrown in there... wha?

Why are you pointing out she's black?

I find this  discussion so American centric, here in the UK being a liberal or a Socialist is a badge of honour. A third to a half of the population would be happy to be so called.


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