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Impressive Conservative Atheist Women that US atheist organizations continue to ignore

There are a number of atheist conservative women who have serious clout, but most atheists are unaware of them. Read here.

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I don't consider there to be a set definition of "conservative" - it is a dynamic ideology. Opposing Islam would seem to be a "liberal" position, but "conservatives" have been more outspoken against Islam whereas "liberals" have been more supportive of it, as we have seen with movements like Women's March. Some have said conservatism is the new liberalism.

"In 2002 Hirsi Ali shifted her allegiance to the liberal People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie; VVD), and she was elected to the parliament the following year."

Lauren, If you had to make a wild guess at what percentage of atheists are conservatives, what would your guess be?

ohmidawg, i am breaking my own rule, i am engaging with a conservative!!!!! oh noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

this will be time i will never get back,

and there is no possible way i can ever turn on a light for a republican.  
It is like the old saying,

"Debating republicans is like playing chess with a pigeon...  s/he will knock the pieces over, shit all over the board, and still strut around believing s/he has won."

IM OUT  i hope.

In todays America to call yourself a conservative you must be bat shit crazy.

Nice posts JeanMarie

gee thanks!!  :D

LOL !!!

An atheist Republican is an atheist who is a registered Republican.

Anyway, up until fairly recently, the vast majority of atheists were males, it is true.  Now, things are different.  and Now, atheism is catching on amongst females, other ethnic groups, etc, Especially amongst the younger people, it is really catching on!! Let's have a round of applause for all those young heathens out there, probably going to raise up a whole nother wave of even more and more heathens!! WOOHOOoo!

but, it is true, in the recent history of atheism, it has been the 4 horseMEN, not as many females until nowadays,

except for a few notable exceptions, including Madeline Ohare.  At this point, i will slightly derail my whole entire point,

to tell you a sad lil story, about my self as a child, watching Madeline Ohare on the evening news, being pelted with eggs, and realizing,--------------- "I can never come out...or people will throw eggs at me, too".  Stories like this are hard for young people who grew up on the net, with easy instant access to other heathens, actually are true.  I knew of no other atheists except for me, and Madeline Ohare.  I had no computer, and never saw any books on atheism in the library.  Might have been some? but i did not know where to look.  and was too embarrassed or afraid to ask.  


Ohare was the >>>ONLY< atheist i had ever seen or heard of, and it was clear the anchors on tv hated her, and so did, apparently everyone else. There were people marching around in front of her house on tv....
Anyway, being atheist a long time ago, pre-internet? was a whooooooooole other enchilida....

but, back onto my own train again,

the OP submits that the female atheist she listed were being "ignored" by the atheist community.  I myself, joyfully attended my first ever atheist convention in Orlando a few years back, and several women were speakers there.  If pressed, i can come up with their names.

but regarding Hirsi Ali,

i still put forth, that it is debatable if Hirsi is truly a "conservative", (?)

but, she was once awarded the Richard Dawkins prize

by the Atheist Alliance International. 


that is not "being ignored".   
and now, i will once again, annoy anyone reading along,

with yet Another story of my self, and point out gleefully and unashamedly braggedly (is "braggedly" a word?) that i myself have shook hands with THE Richard Dawkins!! WHOOOOOOOOOT!!!  Whoooot!!  Ask, i do have pictures!! hahaha
who is jealous?  hahahaha

and, since i am bragging around, I have had cocktails with Christopher Hitchens, (hilarious dude, and quite the drinker!! but even when he is toast? he is still far far far more brilliant than most anyone else is even sober..or, at least, he "was")


I heard Sam Harris debate, twice, actually, (although, i did not get close enough to shake his hand) and so, i have breathed the same air as 3 of the 4 horsemen.   wooooooooohoooooo!!  rolling on floor laughing, too!  i have been an atheist groupie of a sort... rofl

It's strange isn't it JeanMarie in America you would assume that most people you meet in person or in the public eye are believers of some sort, but here in the UK it's really the opposite. You don't get many politicians who use religion as a selling point and if they did they wouldn't get far.

The only description of an atheist is a person who does not believe in a higher spirit. That's it. Why do you think "atheist" automatically means pro-choice?

Do you consider yourself "atheist"?


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