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No system is perfect but you must be deluded if you think the American system is in any way comparable to Swedens this is just stupid. Any health system that doesn't provide care to all its people is a failure. The Republicans denigration of the British NHS is not only a lie but an insult to our intelligence and history. I'd rather live with a health system of universal care, with all its shortcomings than with a system that doesn't even attempt to look after all its people. 

Did you read the article. How is a universal healthcare system looking after "all its people" if health clinics won't answer the phone, turn away people because hospitals are full and cause people to wait for care to the point of retiring early.

Yes, i did read the article and I think its right-wing fakery. You ask most swedes even with their systems faults they would defend it to the hilt. 

Of course they'll defend their system, that's what they've been trained to do despite not having tested US's system. They're fed the same stories about US healthcare. Swedes in general have been trained to not criticize their government, that's why they tend to be quiet, reserved and uncomfortable when confronted. A male nurse told me the healthcare system is going downhill though, they know what's up.

The Swedish healthcare system is not a total failure of course. People are receiving decent care, such as cancer patients. But it has shown signs of becoming worse and who wants to continue watching a healthcare system go downhill?

Even universal healthcare systems have its faults especially when rightwing politicians keep it short of money. Even my NHS isn't without criticism mainly because the conservative government starves it of funds and threaten to hand parts over to American money-grubbing private health companies  

The best healthcare service I've had was when I paid $75 a month for a single plan which a health insurance agent helped me find. I didn't have to call the swamped county office but instead would call my insurance company who answered my calls right away and answered my questions. I was able to see a neurologist down the road, have tests done, and be prescribed medication within two weeks. Problem solved.

Sweden's system is a wreck compared to the care I received through private insurance - in Sweden I had to wait two months just to see a neurologist. Unfortunately Obamacare has been turning US healthcare into a wreck too and forcing people onto state funded insurance, which is what happened in my case since my private plan was eliminated. Calling or visiting a county office in Southern California is a nightmare.

Well, arent you okay. just try and remember all those poor people who cant afford to pay your insurance companies. That's the problem with people who support the private health system. The poor can go fuck themselves. Anybody who continues to support such a system should be ashamed of themselves. 

There was a public healthcare program even before Obamacare in California. Did you know that ? Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) just shoved more people like me (who could afford private insurance) onto Medi-Cal and have burdened the system more. A person like me who can pay $75/mo shouldn't have to be on Medi-Cal. Medi-Cal should be for people who really need it, but now that has become difficult since the price of private insurance has skyrocketed. The next cheapest private plan was $200/mo after Obamacare went into full effect which was out of my budget.

"Since 1933, California law has required counties to provide relief to the poor, including health care services and general assistance.[20]County indigent medical programs can be categorized as California Medical Service Program (CMSP) and Medically Indigent Service Program (MISP) counties.[21] There are 34 CMSP counties and 24 MISP counties. The CMSP county programs are largely managed by the state, whereas MISP counties manage their own programs with their own rules and regulations. Many patients from both the CMSP and MISP county programs transitioned to Medi-Cal when the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act took effect in 2014."

You're missing the point if healthcare doesn't cover everyone then it's no good. All healthcare should be free at the point of need. Obamacare isn't the solution but trumps effort is just awful.

75$/month for health care insurance in the U.S.? What did it cover?

If there wasn't a back up such as you meantioned

""Since 1933, California law has required counties to provide relief to the poor, including health care services and general assistance."

would you rely on your $75/month health insurance?

Medical bankruptcy isn't as easy as it used to be.

Health care is a system. I wonder how many people who have unlimited income and could pay for any health care problem incurred have health insurance.


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