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Now I've heard it all, Republicans trying to take the high road on gun crime. what hypocrites. 

UK has been an example that knives, explosives, cars and acid can be used as well. Swedish politicians discussed potentially banning vehicles in central Stockholm after the terrorist attack. There really is no limit to crime.

I agree. But can you imagine what those terrorists would have done it they had gotten hold of guns.

More damage could be done, but I also think about the damage that could be prevented. Sweden let over 170,000 refugees into the country since 2015. Crime skyrocketed and Swedish police were not prepared - police walked off the job and it has been difficult to recruit. It is very difficult for Swedes to obtain firearms, and even being armed with a knife is against the law. How can citizens protect themselves if the police won't and they are not allowed to be armed?

There are many cases of "good" people with guns halting violence in the US. These stories don't get much coverage.

To be honest Lauren I know many good people amongst my friends and acquaintances that I would feel horrified knowing they had guns. I still think the zero sum game like we have here in the UK is the best way to go.   

Stephen, in the context here, what does "the zero sum game" require?

It SEEMS to require disarming law-abiding people, putting them in danger.

Stephen, I live in a more real world than you. Imagining stuff may be harmful to my health.


"When asked if he would apologize for or if he regrets using the inflammatory hashtag, Devine replied, "I really apologize to any Republican snowflakes out there wringing their hands on Fox News because I hurt their feelings. That's the apology. 'I don't have time for political correctness' is the President's mantra, so don't ask me to play by different rules. I'm not going to unilaterally disarm myself in the face of maniacs."

Devine pointed to other seemingly violent political messages from Republicans, including Sarah Palin's crosshairs map -- which drew targets on elected officials who supported Obamacare -- and a "Liberal Hunting Permit" bumper sticker, among others."

Although I do not condone his comments, it's nothing new on either side of the aisle.

What fund-raising mail can teach:

1) anger can motivate progressives to send money,

2) guilt can motivate liberals to send money, and

3) fear can motivate conservatives to send money.

These emotions can motivate people to do more than send money, and in my experience anger and fear (more effectively than guilt) can motivate people to do violence to other people.


I take note that historically Democrats have targeted Republicans, specifically post-Civil War when Democrats murdered black and white Republicans. Civil War and post-Civil War were one of the most horrific periods in US political history and I can't equate both sides as "being the same." Now it is like a relapse.

Lauren, you said you dropped Libertarianism to become serious but you're keeping the idiological mind Libertarianism requires.

You have several times said the parties change, so comparing the post-CW parties is silly. Today, only the directions in which the parties redistribute wealth differ.

In the 1988 Senate Judiciary Committee hearings for Robert Bork, a Reagan nominee to SCOTUS, questioning revealed his years of short memberships in various idiological organizations. Welcome to your probable future.

When discussing a party's history, I take murder seriously. I don't think post-Civil War comparison on this issue is silly when a good portion of Americans falsely believe that the GOP was the foundation of the anti-slavery movement and KKK. Democrats were the foundation of those movements and were a very violent group, and continue to be violent to this day. Now it is on repeat.


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