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Personally I would have walked out as well.


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I couldn't care less what religion they use for their opening prayer.

To my mind they shouldn't be praying on government business.

Nor should elected, military, or civic oaths be sworn in with a hand on a bible "So Help Me God,"

An oath in any government cerimony if anything should have the participant swear an oath to the   U.S. Constitution. 

Raising the right hand and placing the left hand on the bible as a ritual is silly to me.

Did Mitt Romney place his hand on the Book of Mormon when he was sworn in as Governor of Massachusetts?

Lauren, I'm with Stephen and Chris on this.

Stephen, Chris, Tom. Are any of you registered Republicans.

I'm a pragmatist, Lauren. I had a pro-Equal Rights Amendment Repub mom and a Dem dad. I'm active in church-state separation organizations.

What do you know of the 1950s Repub Party? It had a Western conservative vs. Eastern moderate battle going. The Birchers had not yet taken the Party and it was still rational.

In 1952 and '56 I voted for Eisenhower. In 1957 I quit Catholicism for agnosticism. I heard the damn-fool purist Birchers call Eisenhower a communist and saw them expel moderates. After the Goldwater disaster I saw a desperate-for-bodies Bircher-run party recruit Southern Dems. They brought their racism to the Party.

In computer manufacturing, I was a migratory worker. Where either party always won in the generals I registered to vote in its primaries. So in Phoenix from 1969-76, with the state Party split between pre-WW2 agricultural interests and post-WW2 manufacturing interests, I connected with a Young Repub activist civil engineer/attorney. In 1974 I ran in the Repub primary for the House. Most first timers won ~300 votes, I won 1800 and the incumbent 4000.

In 1980 I worked in John Anderson's campaign.

The racist and still desperate-for-bodies Repubs invited the unthinking but obedient relig. right to join the party. I haven't voted Repub since.

I want employees to own the companies they work for. America will then have a more humane capitalism. It's coming, but slowly.

Where are you in the ailing Repub Party?

BTW, Lauren, both parties are corrupted by money. Where are you on this?

Hi Tom. Thank you for your feedback. That is interesting you ran for a political position. My parents were never politically involved. I've been learning about the history of these parties through my own research.

At this point in time I am primarily concerned about mass migration overseas as well as suppression of conservative speakers on college campuses, and generally suppression of free speech which has been more commonly supported by the Democratic platform. For a decade I casually identified as Libertarian but during the last two years I've decided to become more politically involved and that entailed joining a stronger party that I generally agree with. So here I am representing the Republican party.

Republican Atheists has two board members, New Hampshire Republican State Representative Brandon Phinney and Atheist speaker Bob Price. We all have similar background in terms of having more conservative values and are attempting to build a platform to bring more awareness to secularism in the Republican Party.

Re histories, check out Heather Cox Richardson, a professor at a New England college. Her history of the party, To Make Men Free, tells of it from its start before the CW and of its changes after Lincoln. House Speaher Tom Reed of Maine was an interesting guy. Check out "Reed Rules" in Wikipedia.

I grew up in "Taft Town", Cincinnati, Ohio. The 1950s struggle in the party may have begun with the 1948 Dewey loss to Truman. US Senator Bob Taft was with the Western Conservatives. In 1952 both parties wanted Eisenhower; he chose the GOP.

Some of the Arizona I knew is in the Wikipedia article on the investigative reporter Don Bolles.

One of the things President Donald Trump said is the Republican party isn't the Conservative Party.

You may accuse me of trolling again by asking what is in Republican Party Platform  that you support?

What do you think about the Trump Presidency Lauren Ell.

Has the duopoly train of R's and D's derailed?

Is the basis of being a Democrat or Republican a result of left vs. right brain thinking, or a result of where one was raised and indoctrinated into?

Sorry Lauren but I'm not an American, I'm from the UK and we have a conservative party and they are currently in power. I support the Labour party a Democratic Socialist group.

Hi Lauren,

My dad was a registered Democrat, my mom a registered Republican.

I was registered as a Democrat until after President Clinton became president. With his views on trade, crime, and capital punishment.

I've been registered with no party affiliation since.

It seems to me that neither the Republican, or Democratic party represent the majority of the citizens of the U.S.

It appears that our entire political process is corrupted by  corporate media and money.

Being Republican doesn't mean one is socially conservative - at least it didn't used to mean that.

As you wrote political parties viewpoints change over time. As it is the Republican party seems to promote wealth for the top 0.1% at the expense of the others.

"Wealth Inequality in America" is a video about income distribution everyone should watch.

Have you heard of the Nationalist Atheist Party?


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