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Calling PETA - Antifa stabs police horse in neck during anti-sharia march

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I did not understand your subject matter so i found this


Antifa Arrested After Allegedly Stabbing Police Horse In The Neck

Photo of Amber Athey

An “anti-fascist” (antifa) counter-protester at the “March Against Sharia” in Harrisburg, PA was arrested Saturday after allegedly stabbing a police horse in the neck with a flag pole.

Lisa Simon, 23, was with a group of antifa demonstrators at the march when she attacked a police horse named Samson with a flag pole that had a silver nail attached at the top. Simon hit Samson in the side of the neck, reports Fox 43.

Luckily, Samson had only minor injuries, and Simon was taken into custody after resisting arrest.

Simon was charged with aggravated assault, illegally taunting a police animal, prohibited offensive weapons, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and obstruction administrative law. She is being held in lieu of $100,000 bail.

We don't need violence to fight fascists. But one thing has to be admitted fascists are out there.

Antifa kills horses :(

Just a few years after this picture was taken most of these people were killed.

Killed by Fascists= NAZI'S

In sarcasim and your absense of mind.
Cowboys don't kill horses.

I was curous what the term "Antiifa" meant. Thanks for learning 'me' that "Antifa" means Antifascist.

If you want to look at statictictics check out the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Curious Lauren,

What do you think may be causing polizeration in the U.S. and world?

Could it be isolated reports that are exagerated?

There was a report here in Northern California about an "Illegal alien" arrested as an arsonist who started all the fires.   

That's bullshit.

Fake News?

Facts don't matter as long as the numb masses believe it.

Depending on the type of news one follows, this story may seem like an isolated incident. I have been following Antifa and similar groups for the past couple years and do not consider this to be an isolated incident. It's just ridiculous and sad. I've met atheists who have been following it, and many atheists who do not.

Is the rediculousnous and sadness the reporting of it?

My personal feedback :)

Hi Lauren,

I don't know what your background is. It seems isolated.

Stabbing horses?

Are you are being sarcastic?


What is an Antifa?


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