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"California joined New York as the first states in the nation to enact a plan to raise their statewide minimums to $15."


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The UK Minimum wage is about the same £8.00 ph  $15-16.00 ph there is a concept of a living wage which is

£9.-£10.00 ph

This wage increase is statewide and will apply to small businesses in rural areas as well where living expenses are less than in more populated areas like Los Angeles and San Francisco. This puts small businesses in a difficult situation. Reports have noted many small business owners are leaving the state.

Everybody deserves to have a living wage city or rural. It should be down to the state government to help with tax relief for these small companies.

A wage to live in NYC, or San Francisco and other areas are different across reigons. Per Diem Rates may be one of many measurements of the cost of living in different areas from which wages should be based.

Is it optimistic to hope that minimum wage issues will move people toward employee ownership of the companies they work for?

It will reduce employer-employee conflict.


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