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A primary argument I have heard opposing Britain leaving the EU is that Britain would no longer be a part of "a united Europe." However I question how exactly is Europe united under the EU? There have been terrorist attacks in France, Germany, Sweden, Belgium and others, whom are all allies, yet these attacks are treated as independent events and the EU really has not had any response other than to force countries to continue accepting refugees. If Europe was united wouldn't there be great concern about attacks in allied nations? Rather than attempts to normalize terrorism which is what is happening.

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It was the EU that came to an agreement with Turkey to stop the flow of refugees.

It was only a united Europe that could have come to such an agreement.

It is a double edge sword in regards to migration. While EU leaders come together to stop flow of refugees (a bit too late imo), they also come together to discuss forcing EU countries to accept refugees.

Europe is formed by nation states and they all have the veto. That's what the Brits didn't understand.

True Stephen every single country has that right of veto. The EU is not a Commonwealth like Australia just a Union of countries they have a lot work ahead of them before they truly become united and one of the biggest hurdle to that the people of all the countries have to overcome their nationalism and start acting and behaving like citizens of a United Europe. It is a mindset that is very hard for people to change more so the older generations of Europeans. 
A bit of Australian political history before becoming The Commonwealth of Australia all the States were completely independent States. They even had their own custom officers and that is why even to this day every state has its own Governor General besides the GG in Canberra for the Commonwealth.  

Doesn't seem veto is an option in mass migration..

"MEP Proposal: Force EU Countries to Receive Refugees" Link

Additionally Hungary and Poland have received backlash from EU for not accepting refugees.

"Hungary sues EU at European Court of Justice over migrant quotas" Link

"EU Official: We'll Force Members to Accept Refugees" Link

"European Union tells Hungary and Poland to accept mass migration or leave" Link

"Austria threatens EU funding cuts over Hungary's hard line on refugees" Link

Lauren you may be right but the real power in the EU is the council of ministers and  each minister has a veto. 

What caused the mass migration from the Middle East in the first place? 
You just cannot expect people to sit on their derrieres at home while some drongo is dropping bombs in their laps.
It is time to stop looking at the effects and start looking at the causes of why it is happening. 

As for the EU this is just period of adjustment for member states through which the member states learn that they cannot just only except the sweet parts of being in the union but they also have to except the sour parts of being in the union. 
As for Poland they broke their necks to join the union and it was driven by the grassroots not the political elites of Poland. And I dare to say that Hungary also to a certain degree broke their necks to join the union because it helped them to be more democratic. 

The EU will survive but it will also be different to what people see to-day of its architecture. 

When there are approximately 165,000 refugees of one of the most oppressive religions in the world entering your country (Sweden in this example) I can understand people are interested in immediate solutions and don't want the EU breathing down their necks. Sweden is one of the wealthier countries that can try to cope while Hungary and Poland are less organized. Thankfully the flow has stopped for the most part and now the damage can be addressed. The damage of an orthodox religious culture co-existing with a secular culture.

I agree looking at the causes but that can be a complex issue. Everyone I speak to about the subject has different perspectives, different understanding. There is not a simple answer, especially today when looking at the advancement of Islam, the fastest growing religion in the world.


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